Streamline Business Operations With Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud new

Streamline Business Operations With Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

Oracle SCM Cloud (Supply Chain Management Cloud) is an Oracle application that is hosted on the cloud. It integrates end-to-end business activities while also considering modern organizations growing supply chain requirements. Product development, strategic material procurement, outsourced production, and integrated logistics are just a few of the services available, Omnichannel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning are all elements of Oracle SCM Cloud software, which is the cloud’s most comprehensive SCM suite. Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud allows for gradual deployment of functionality with minimum risk, lower costs and greater flexibility, all while ensuring continual functional innovation and a much more sustainable supply chain.


Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud is Made Up of Several Modules and Offerings:


  • Logistics Cloud
  • Order Management Cloud
  • Procurement Cloud
  • Product Management Cloud (PLM / PIM)
  • Service Logistics Cloud
  • Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Cloud
  • Supply Chain Execution Cloud (Inventory, Maintenance, Manufacturing)
  • Supply Chain Planning Cloud


You may be prepared with mechanisms that promote resilience and help you plan for success beyond your next move when things change quickly. Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management links your supply chain with an integrated set of cloud business apps that are designed to keep up with change.


Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management Promotes Resiliency and Expansion


For a unified corporation, there is only one cloud – View a detailed picture of your company’s finances and operations with only a few clicks. Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud’s integrated applications suite covers supply chain, finance, HR, and the customer experience in the most comprehensive and frictionless way possible.


Resilience and growth through innovation – Keep up with the newest developments that help you adapt to changing conditions with new features, continual updates, and embedded sophisticated technologies—such as AI and machine learning—that can help you discover abnormalities, anticipate possible outcomes, and make recommendations with Oracle SCM Cloud software.


Responding to change on a regular basis proactively – Flexibility and resiliency enable you to make quicker judgments and adjust to changing circumstances. Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management’s agile planning and coordinated supply chain execution can help when you need to respond fast to constant technical, business, and business model changes.


The global supply chain is always evolving and increasing. Technology is being used by businesses to assist simplify processes for a more efficient and cost-effective procedure. We’ve identified our top five benefits for investing in supply chain automation for your warehouse and distribution channels because it can have a big influence on an organization’s bottom line.


 Lower Your Operating Costs


For most businesses, lowering costs while increasing output is the ultimate goal. In oracle SCM cloud software, supply chain automation may assist drive educated decisions about warehouse and inventory storage, asset maintenance and longevity, and scheduling, in addition to lowering labor costs.


Increase the Accuracy of Your Data


Automation can help you eliminate data entry errors and give you real-time visibility into your warehouse management systems. Get rid of the paperwork and time-consuming guesswork that comes with pen and paper spreadsheets. With Oracle supply chain management cloud and precise and readily available data, you can make informed decisions regarding your inventory, assets, and staff.


Increasing Compliance


The capacity of your company to comply with industry norms and regulations can have a significant impact on its bottom line, and the oracle supply chain management cloud can help drive compliance. Standardize operations for employees and vendors, schedule routine asset maintenance, and track and trace goods movement for total warehouse visibility to automate compliance. Systems can examine where an item was ordered from, who supplied it and then trace it all the way to the client thanks to automation.


Aim for Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction


Customers in the “New Economy” are both well-informed and unwilling to wait long periods for their items. Meeting the high demands of customer expectations is now a reality thanks to automation. You can improve your operational efficiency by using supply chain automation to complete and distribute orders faster and more accurately, resulting in pleased, loyal, and returning consumers.


Minimize Your Carbon Footprint


 Automation has the potential to have a positive impact on the environment. For warehousing operations, employ barcode scanning and RFID technologies to eliminate the need for pen and paper records. Process pick, pack, and ship orders do cycle counts, run inventory audits, and more—all from your mobile device.