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A complete Enterprise Label Printing solutions that offer to create, design, automate
and generate labels for your business.


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FlexiPro Label, available on Cloud or On-premise is an easy and web-based label and printing software solution that fits your business requirements. The product provides a nice user interface for creating and printing labels. FlexiPro Label runs on the Cloud provides REST APIs for other systems to make Label Request Call.


FlexiPro Label Engine generates printer language based on Label format/layout and data, and sends data to print manager running on Customer Network. The Print Manager sends data to Local Printers. Label Designer allows customers to drag and drop the fields to design label formats easily. FlexiPro Label Rule Engine allows customers to fulfill their Label Compliance.


The FlexiPro Label application provides complete Enterprise Label Solution for Cloud or On-Premise for Inventory Management and Inventory Transactions Management.

Features of FlexiPro Label

  • Complete label management solution for companies of all sizes
  • Label Designer that runs on a browser, no special software needed
  • Simply design labels from any location through a computer
  • Securely store and manage labels and data on cloud
  • Supports all label printers (Zebra, Intermec, Epson, Sato, XML enabled Printers, etc.)
  • REST API for integration with other systems (ERP, Flexi)
  • Label History for reprint, redirect to another printer
  • Supports industry-standard IPP protocol to print documents
  • Supports all types of barcodes like 1D, 2D, GS1, HIBC, QR Code, etc.
  • Feature to create a new label by copying the existing label

Benefits of FlexiPro Label

  • Design and print labels from anywhere in the world with secure user logins
  • Allows integrating label formats/templates with your business system
  • Get traceability of every label change and print job
  • Label Engine offers multi-language capabilities
  • Label Engine eliminate errors and reduce labeling costs
  • Allows to setup rules by selecting the rule for (Label/Printer)
  • Rules Engine provides criteria and conditions applicable for a label/printer
  • Multiple criteria/conditions can be grouped by using Rule Engine
  • Rule Engine makes the labeling changes easily
  • Manual Ad-Hoc printing with Label Preview

FlexiPro Label Solutions

  Multiple Labeling Solutions

  A Powerful Barcode Engine

  Accurate and Consistent Labeling Solutions

  Easy to Create and Access Your Designs

  100% Compatible

FlexiPro Label Solutions

barcode Scanning

Multiple Labeling


Powerfull barcode system

A Powerful Barcode


barcode Designing

Accurate and Consistent Labeling Solutions


Easy to Create and Access Your Designs




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