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Enhanced client engagement and retention

Improves efficiency and productivity

Connected workforce

Lesser IT challenges

Saves time and resources

Rise in IoT

Analyzing data in real-time

Streamlining of AI

Mobility –

Building a Launchpad for Growth

Leveraging new technologies boosts differentiated customer experience and provides a massive advantage to enterprises across all verticals. We believe that it is critical to adapt and embrace change as we increasingly rely on technology to interact with our audiences. The introduction of smartphones has significantly altered the corporate environment and created the door for new prospects.


Mobile applications assist companies in better engaging with consumers and marketers in identifying customer touchpoints so that tailored messages can be sent for increased sales. Mobile apps and chatbots have revolutionized customer service by providing consumers with immediate replies to their questions or requests. Through feature-rich solutions, our in-house team of skilled app developers can help you digitally change all your key operations.


When it comes to digitally transform, a company’s workflow and personnel, there are two key factors to consider: flexibility and mobility and by putting their procedures and communications on mobile applications, companies may meet both of their goals at the same time. Let’s take a glance at the scores of advantages which can be tapped!

Our Solutions

Implementation –

Executing Sophisticated Cloud Conversions

From the databases (Database Management Services) and middleware in place to the application landscape, we analyze the client’s present infrastructure. After that, we work on an implementation plan before bringing in our expertise to help customers deploy Oracle EBS/Fusion effectively. Businesses in all sectors and regions want their business apps to be always available on-demand. Furthermore, enterprise customers want business apps to have sophisticated features including a better user experience, powerful data analytics, and portability.


We served organizations of various sizes, from small businesses to well-established multinational corporations, and met their specific technological requirements. Our agile approach and adaptability provide businesses with the edge in implementing cutting-edge business processes through software applications.


Traditional software is typically costly and falls short of these criteria. Cloud-based solutions, on the other hand, can improve functionality while also lowering costs and speeding up deployment. We execute sophisticated cloud conversions at low prices by leveraging applications. We stay with the customer throughout the journey, even at the support stage, by providing our expertise and experienced consultants to guarantee that the following functions smoothly:

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Oracle Fusion SCM

Oracle Fusion Finance

Oracle Cloud WMS

Oracle Fusion Procurement


Oracle EBS WMS

Knowledge transfer from existing personnel that is efficient

The takeover of application support with efficiency

Operations that are both smooth and clear

Service in accordance with a set of SLA parameters that have been agreed upon

A pricing model tailored to our customer’s unique requirements, with no wasted downtime resource costs.

Optimized capacity and enhanced service delivery

Production Support –

Trace Tangible Business Value

A Complete and Responsive Production Support Solution for Our Customers

Besides our award-winning product support, we provide managed services for day-to-day production support of Oracle Fusion Applications to our customers. We understand that every business support requirement is different, so we provide flexibility so our customers can decide the service level agreements, deployment model, offshore or onshore, and hours of coverage. Besides providing support, our support team can provide advisory services to find opportunities for improvement to the existing business process and implement them.


Any failure, downtime, or performance difficulties may have a significant influence on an organization’s whole IT ecosystem. It can have an influence on overall business performance or a single function such as finance, manufacturing, marketing, and sales, depending on which component of the solution is impeded. Oracle application maintenance and support services from Intellinum offer high-quality services at a reasonable price. With robust SLAs in place, the enterprise’s Oracle maintenance expenditure is reduced, resulting in excellent uptime for the enterprise’s IT operations.

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