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Discover how our customers achieve success with our
“Customized Oracle Cloud Solutions” and automating inventory transactions.

Mobilize Oracle SCM Cloud with FlexiPro to Increase Operational Efficiency.
Case Study Flexi LogiPro Solution
Customize or Personalize the functionality to improve business operational efficiency through the Flexi Client application.
Eliminates Manual Stock Counting and Data Entering with FlexiPro EBS.
Case Study Intellinum Flexi
Modernizes the stock management and diminishes the stock discrepancy with FlexiPro EBS application.
Mobilize Oracle Fusion with FlexiPro to Speed Up Manufacturing Process.
Case study Intellinum Flexi Logipro
Generate customer-specific labels and upload real-time data to Oracle Manufacturing Cloud with the FlexiPro application.
Improves Day-day Inventory Transaction Speed with FlexiPro (SCM Cloud)
Case-Study-Flexi-LogiPro Solutions.png
Optimizes warehouse operations by eliminating manual item counting and enhancing efficiency with the FlexiPro application.
Get Rid of Manual Stock Operations and Increase Operational Efficiency with FlexiPro EBS.
Case Study - Intellinum Flexi Inventory Solutions
Automate all stock operations and perform internal stock transfer with FlexiPro EBS Barcode
Automate Fixed Assets Process Cycle with FlexiPro Fixed Assets.
case study
Streamlines the functionality of the business process cycle through FlexiPro Fixed Assets Mobile application.
Organize the Business Operations with FlexiPro to Track and Trace Goods or Assets
Case Study
Track the continuous visibility of the condition of the assets or goods with FlexiPro Fixed Assets.
Business Users Performs Transactions Efficiently with Flexi’s Product.
Case Study - Intellinum Flexi LogiPro
Identifies stamped items from the unstamped items UPC Code based on location-specific context with FlexiPro.
Perform Easy Mobile Transactions Without any Keystrokes with Express Server.
Case Study - Intellinum Express server
Transfers reserved stock of Sales Order and OPM Batch from one locator to another locator with Express Server application.
Real-time validations eliminate errors and reduce operational costs.
Enphase banner image
Created several custom logics during processing the transactions across different functions: picking, incoming receiving for PO/RMA, QC inspection.
Mobilize Oracle WMS Cloud with FlexiPro to Automate Warehouse Processes.
Case study
Getting easy access to the core process of WMS and transaction visibility with the Flexi application.


Performs Image Capturing Functionality with FlexiPro WMS Cloud
Dp world case study - intellinum
Upload individual or bulk images to the server based on transaction number and License Plate Number (LPN) for easy access with Flexi’s application.
Mobilize Oracle WMS Cloud with FlexiPro to Speed Up Warehouse Operations
Case Study
Eliminates time-consuming transaction processes between the devices with FlexiPro WMS Cloud application.
Mobilize Oracle SCM Cloud with FlexiPro Mobile Application to Streamline the Multiple Pick Lines
Case study 14
Make the Picking Process Faster and Avoids Additional Data Entries with Flexi Application.
TopStreamlines Picking, Packing, and Shipping Process with Oracle WMS Cloud and FlexiPro.
Case Study Funko04Jan
Bottom Scan and print labels from mobile devices easily with the Flexi application.

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