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FlexiPro EBS application is a mobility solution for Oracle EBS Inventory, which is integrated with Oracle E-business Suite Inventory Module and allows users to perform inventory transactions from mobile application. FlexiPro EBS application allows barcode scanning based solution and hence it becomes very efficient and faster to perform the inventory transaction.


Using FlexiPro EBS, application existing screen can be easily personalized as per business requirements. FlexiPro EBS application comes with many existing screens for Inbound, Inventory and Outbound Transaction, however to develop any customized businesses requirement Flexi Studio Developer Tool is also provided to develop a new screen.

FlexiPro EBS provides users the following services for Inventory Management.

Flexi Studio for New
Screen Development

Personalization Engine to adapt Business Specific Requirement

Barcode Scanning Capability with FlexiPro EBS

Customizable Barcode Readability (parsing) Capability

Features of FlexiPro EBS

  • FlexiPro EBS application is a mobility solution for Oracle EBS Inventory application.
  • FlexiPro EBS application consistently integrated with Oracle E-business Suite (EBS).
  • FlexiPro EBS application is supported on all major user platforms like Android, iOS, Window and Mac Desktop and Chrome browser.
  • FlexiPro EBS application increases user efficiency and reduces time, Also Capable to handle barcode scanning to minimize manpower cost & efforts.
  • Flexi Studio application will be used to create an Inventory forms as per the requirement of the customer.
  • A FlexiPro EBS Solution is very easy to transact through Mobile or Handheld devices for inventory operations with barcode scanning.
  • FlexiPro EBS can also accommodate barcode reading as per business requirement.

Benefits of FlexiPro EBS

  • On Floor Transactions and Real-time Transactions from mobile device for Oracle Inventory Management.
  • Barcode based application which will reduce manual entries to increase efficiency.
  • Reductions of incorrect data entry due to availability of barcode scanning capability in Inventory Management Transactions.
  • User performed transactions on FlexiPro Inventory is immediately reflected in Oracle Inventory Management.
  • User can avoid manual entry by scanning Linear and 2D barcodes like QR Code and GS1 barcodes.
  • Easy Installation with no additional database requirement.
  • Runs in existing Oracle Database.
Ebs inventory operated on mobile

FlexiPro EBS Solution Supports & Implements on Existing User Database


  • Easy installation with no additional Database Requirement.
  • Runs in existing Oracle Database.


FlexiPro EBS Solution Provides Advance Barcode Scanning Support


  • FlexiPro EBS is capable of reading various type of barcodes available in Inventory.
  • FlexiPro EBS has powerful barcode scanning capability like read multi-segment barcodes, 2D barcodes and Linear barcodes.
  • FlexiPro EBS also had capability to modify barcode parsing as per business requirement.

Application Screens

FlexiPro EBS Inventory application

ebs 1
ebs 2
ebs 3
ebs 4
ebs 5

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