Innovative Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite WMS and MSCA

  • Express Server streamlines warehouse execution and improves inventory control by allowing business to enhance mobile functionality without complex Java coding.
  • Express Client is a graphical-based client application, available on Windows Handheld, Android and iOS platform, which provides a modern, attractive and user-friendly interface.
  • Express Dashboard Reporting is a real-time reporting tool that allows quick creation of dashboard chart, KPI, reports, and view grid quickly.
Express Server Express Client

   Express Server


  • Streamline and enhance WMS/MSCA operation without costy customization
  • Automate data entries, default values, hide unused fields to boost user efficiencies, and reduce user errors and keystrokes.
  • Validate user input, add new fields, user-level logging, voice-plus-scan, e-signature.
  • Works for all mobile pages (standard/custom)
  • Multi-tier personalization (site, responsibility, organization, and user)
  • Patch-Safe and upgrade-safe
  • E-Signature, offline images, and more…


Express Client   Express Client


  • Native GUI Client for Windows CE/Mobile, Windows desktop, Android, and iOS
  • Increase user efficiency with touch screen
  • Easy to install (no JVM needed)
  • LaunchPad menu system and Kiosk mode
  • Full compatibility with MWA Server

Comprehensive Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite WMS and MSCA

Streamlining warehouse processes for efficient results

We offer a range of innovative solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite WMS (Warehouse Management System) and MSCA (Mobile Supply Chain Application). Intellinum is your go-to service provider for enterprise application solutions that are unique and customized according to your business needs. We have Oracle-authorized supply chain management tools that streamline warehouse processes and improve inventory control. You can enhance your mobile functionality without having to worry about any complex Java coding.

The Business Landscape Today

The increased competition in the business landscape means organizations have to find better ways for customer satisfaction. There is also a need to reduce the operational costs at the same time. The best way to drive results is by improving the business processes through increased efficiency and accuracy.

The Intellinum Difference

The changing business environments affect the warehouse operations as well. Staffing and business processes, on-shoring activities, and layouts can affect a business. Intellinum can analyze these changes and propose warehouse management solutions by taking into account the best business practices. Intellinum will examine the layouts of your warehouse and business processes to create reports. We highlight gaps and propose ways to fill them. We incorporate specific areas of improvement that ultimately help improve the bottom line.

Intellinum has a range of solutions like SCM software and WMS software to improve the business processes of your warehouse. We consult, arrange, and implement solutions using the ultra-modern technology from Oracle. With Intellinum’s Express Suite, you can get all-inclusive WMS and MSCA solutions that make your project easy and prevent risks. You can expect lean inventory management solutions that make business processes efficient and accurate to improve the bottom line.

Benefits of Partnering with Intellinum

Improved productivity levels

Enhanced customer service

Reduced overhead costs

Improved data accuracy

Experience Matters

Intellinum has an expert team that delivers successful results consistently without breaking a sweat. We combine our years of industry knowledge and the latest technology to manage your projects efficiently. Furthermore, we generate results within committed timeframes and your budgets.

Pain Points & Solutions


Express Server streamlines operations by reducing scans and steps. Capture data in 2D barcode with multiple data points with a single scan.


Express Server provides powerful personalization capability to extend Oracle mobile screens to meet business need.


Express Server personalization is patch safe and upgrade safe.


Express Server personalization is simple and changes do not require code compilation and server bounce.


Express Client provides a modern graphical user interface with touch screen enabled controls for Android, Windows CE/Mobile and iOS.


Reduced Working Time


Increase Efficiency


Reduced Human Error


Customer Satisfaction


Trusted by our customers


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