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FlexiPro AI represents a new era in supply chain execution, offering a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing various facets of the supply chain process, including inventory, orders, personnel, and equipment.


FlexiPro AI is designed to enhance operational efficiency and responsiveness by leveraging advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time data analytics, automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) integration.

FlexiPro AI

Key Features and Capabilities

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Real-time Monitoring


FlexiPro AI provides unparalleled real-time visibility into inventory levels, order and task statuses, and operational metrics by seamlessly collecting data from multiple sources, including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), the Flexi mobility platform, and connected IoT devices.

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Inventory Management


The solution enables precise demand forecasting, efficient space utilization, inventory slotting, and proactive replenishment strategies.

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Resource Optimization


FlexiPro AI ensures optimal resource allocation by recommending resources based on availability, skillset, task urgency, and deadlines.

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Performance Analytics


The platform generates performance metrics, analytics, and reports to monitor critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as order fulfillment rates, on-time delivery, and labor productivity. Its generative AI capabilities empower users to interact with data, gain insights, and create dynamic dashboards on the fly.

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Robotic and IoT Integration Platform


FlexiPro AI offers a robust platform for integrating and orchestrating Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Internet of Things (IoTs), further enhancing operational efficiencies.

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Built-in Data Connector


With built-in data connectors, FlexiPro AI seamlessly integrates with a wide range of warehouse management and inventory management systems.

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FlexiPro AI serves as a supply chain AI platform that enables customers to enhance its AI capabilities by incorporating new Large Language Models, AI prediction models, and plugins into their backend systems.

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Collaboration and Communication

FlexiPro AI fosters improved communication and collaboration among warehouse staff and stakeholders through a chat interface, connecting warehouse users, superusers, and the Copilot.

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