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Founded by supply chain architects and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Intellinum Inc provides a wide range of consulting services in the area of Oracle supply chain and technical expertise. Our philosophy is to be your partner in business – to empower your business with innovative and reliable business software solutions in the time saving and cost effective manner.

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We provide a focused consulting services in the area of Oracle WMS and MSCA implementation, integration with 3rd party and legacy system, custom extensions and maintenance support. Our goal is to help our client improve their supply chain execution and provide world-class services through innovative and reliable business software solutions.

We strive to provide our clients high quality result and maximum return on investment (ROI) by understanding their business requirements and delivering the best optimum solutions on time everytime. Our seasoned professionals have vast and extensive knowledge in the WMS, MSCA, INV and MWA and we have helped many companies achieve their goals. We have also engaged in multiple WMS and MSCA support projects, helping clients analyze and solve business and software hurdles, providing them satisfactory solution quickly and efficiently.

We practice our consulting business based on the following Core Values


Customer Focused

We value and respect our customers above all else. We believe that when we put customers first, everything else will follow.

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We promise to keep our commitments and are accountable to our customers. We value their decision to work with us and strive to maintain their trust and loyalty.

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We pledge to provide excellent services and products to our customers. We take great pride in our work and aim to exceed their expectation.


Effective Communication

We understand that effective communication is key to any success.



We strive to bring new creative ideas to solve business problem.

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