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Assets Management and allocations

FlexiPro Fixed Assets is a mobile suite offering customers to capture and track their assets across the organization. The control of your assets through the handheld/smartphones makes it very convenient for business/end users to perform the activities. The assets are interfaced seamlessly to the Oracle E-Business Suite Fixed Assets module through standard APIs.

Customers can easily perform transactions like fixed assets depreciation, transfers, assign assets to employees, also print tags whenever needed. They can also look at the asset details from the device. One of the key features of asset tracking is physically counted and validate against the system. FlexiPro Fixed Assets tracking and management software provides an interactive interface that allows users to count their assets in a location and upload them to Oracle EBS. Users can then review these counts and run a comparison report to check for differences/discrepancies.

Features of FlexiPro Fixed Assets

  • Fixed Asset mobile application integrates with Oracle EBS Suite (On-Premise)
  • End to End asset capturing and tracking
  • Capable of printing asset tags from the mobile application
  • Complete asset verification process from the mobile application
  • Updating asset tags using FlexiPro mobile application
  • Transfer and dispose of assets using the mobile application
  • Track your assets using the inquiry screen
  • Update serial number in Oracle E-business Application
  • Available on Windows Desktop/Mobile, Android, iOS smartphones, and Handheld devices
  • Provision to print tags from the mobile application

Benefits of FlexiPro Fixed Assets

  • Enables the true cost control and an audit-proof inventory
  • Improve asset accounting with customized and ad hoc reports of asset locations, physical verification, status, and history
  • Quickly locate critical equipment and achieve the real-time physical assets inventory
  • Fully barcode enabled application for supporting 1 D and 2 D barcodes
  • FlexiPro Fixed Assets application integrates with Oracle EBS without any middleware
  • Flexi Studio application create new forms in Fixed asset application
  • Auditing and asset inventory counting

FlexiPro Fixed Asset Personalization Engine

allows customers to customize as per business needs.

Powerful Barcode Engine


Capture multiple data points under a single barcode scan.

Rapid Development Time


Changes are instantly available without bouncing the server.

Streamline Operation


Automate keystroke, Defaulting value, and Hiding unused fields.

Multi-Tier Personalization


Personalization can be setup on different levels such as site or facility.

Add New Fields


Easy to add new fields/screens with simple drag and drop.

Add New Functionalities


Business logic can added and call the web services or stored procedures to interface to Oracle EBS Suite or other ERP.

Application Screens

End to End Asset Capturing and Tracking

Fixed Assets Menu
Fixed Assets Menu
Fixed Assets Menu
Fixed Assets Menu
Fixed Assets Menu
Fixed Assets Menu

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