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Express Client from Intellinum is an Oracle-validated integration solution for Oracle WMS and MSCA. It has a native GUI Client for Oracle WMS/MSCA on-premise, with support for multiple languages, including Arabic. This supply chain management software can run on both Windows CE and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms.  For Windows CE/Mobile platform, your need a CAB file to install the solution. There is the ease of menu navigation through the Launch Pad. The Kiosk Mode enables full screen or device/application lockdown. It is compatible with MWA Server and supports function keys and control keys.

Express Client solution improves warehouse and inventory user efficiency. It allows them to use touch-screen devices with a user friendly navigation and transaction pages. Express Client can run on rugged handheld devices with integrated barcode scanner, Windows PC desktop, and smartphones (Android and iOS). For smartphones, barcode scanning can be done in smartphone using camera on the device.

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Easy Installation

In Windows Mobile/CE, there is one single CAB file to install – there is no need to install JVM and the Java GUI Client application anymore.


Launchpad Menu System

This new feature allows users to get to their most frequently used mobile pages by a touch of an icon. This reduces keystrokes previously needed to navigate.


Kiosk Mode

This mode allows company to lock down the device so user only has access to the MWA Express Client program. Preventing any misuse of the device system.



Faster and cleaner UI, increasing user efficiency by leveraging touch screen capability and full support of function keys / control keys.


Server Compatibility

Our system has been tested by the team and guaranteed to have full compatibility with MWA Server.


Secure Conection

Functionality is not the only thing you can get, Express Client also provide secure connection to the MWA Server with SSH tunneling.

Video Demonstration of Express Client

Advanced Features

Voice engine, allowing voice transactions such as voice picking, voice directed put away, replenishment and more.

Quick Reconnect, this feature allows users who got disconnected due to network interruption to connect back to their session quickly.

E-Signature, this feature allows users to add their signature from the device and upload it to Oracle E-Business Suite.

Display Item Picture, this feature allows users to view the item on the device.

Easy configuration, this feature allows quick deployment of application settings without manual set up.


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