Express Client

Express client is a graphical-based client application that works with the MWA server for Oracle WMS and MSCA. Compared to its character-based telnet client, GUI client provides user interface that is more attractive and user friendly. Furthermore, users will have quicker access to LOV and action buttons with the use of touch screen capability.

Intellinum provides a complete full suite of native MWA GUI clients for Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android and iOS. Additional benefits of Intellinum Express Client are as follows.

Native application, resulting in faster and cleaner UI.

Easy installation - In Windows Mobile/CE, there is one single CAB file to install - there is no need to install JVM and the Java GUI Client application anymore.

Full support of function keys and control keys.

Kiosk Mode, for locking down the device so user only has access to the MWA Express Client program.

Overall increase of user efficiency by leveraging touch screen capability.

LaunchPad menu system - This new feature allows users to get to their most frequently used mobile pages by a touch of an icon. This reduces keystrokes previously needed to navigate through menus.

Window dialog for going to menu – no more looking for that ‘Y’ key, just touch a button to go back to menu.

Secure connection to the MWA Server with SSH tunneling.

Full compatibility with MWA Server.

Timely and knowledgeable technical support.

MWA GUI Client Screenshots