Fusion Cloud Mobile Application Ensures Asset Maintenance Reliability

Every maintenance reliability team seeks to keep all assets always operating at top performance. Adding to the list with extending equipment life, reducing equipment breakdowns, and lowering total operational costs in Oracle fusion cloud applications. Operating, maintaining, creating, and renewing important assets takes a lot of effort from everyone in the business. Asset maintenance dependability is unquestionably the ultimate goal of any asset-intensive firm. A solid asset base is critical in industries including oil and gas, energy, mining, construction, telecommunications, utilities, railroads, process and discrete manufacturing, transportation, and so on.


The Obstacles to Implementing a Mobile Asset Maintenance Solution

Oracle Fusion cloud software is a comprehensive and massive system that allows your company to capture the data it needs to run efficiently. It is packed with features and functions for asset maintenance across all areas and departments. The purpose of mobilizing specific features and important capabilities is to improve the user experience by allowing users to access information and record their work while on the road. Intellinum fusion cloud mobile application helps in the management of asset maintenance reliability and overcomes obstacles on the way.


The ability of your maintenance mobility solution to provide a near-consumer-grade experience has an impact on user acquisition and success. With a simple user interface, technicians and users may communicate immediately and start working with little training.


In today’s market, there are a plethora of mobile devices and laptops to choose from. Your technicians and users will be able to record their work and perform tasks successfully if you choose the right mobile strategy and gadgets. Allowing users to use devices they’re already familiar with increases the value of any maintenance mobile solution in the oracle fusion cloud software right away.


Obtain Accurate Asset Data Based on Condition

Creating a single source of truth for employees, technicians, contractors, and contingent labor is one of the most crucial components of a successful maintenance mobility solution in oracle fusion cloud applications. The advantages of a mobility solution are enhanced by having secure access to precise essential asset information.


Users can get access to the following features with the right mobile solution:


  • Hierarchy of assets
  • Inspections and plans of quality
  • Work history with previous assets
  • Attachments to files (photos, user manuals, notes, etc.)
  • Readings from the asset metric
  • Failure investigation
  • Asset registries
  • Attributes of an asset
  • Check out and contribute resources
  • Time is a resource that can be charged against.


Technicians and engineers should be able to request equipment components and materials while performing work in order to finish jobs more quickly. Having access to on-hand components, materials, bills of materials, stock goods, and direct products ensures work is accomplished faster and more properly documented.


Limitations in Network Connectivity and Cellular Coverage

Even if assets are located in remote locations where connectivity is not accessible, inspections and maintenance are required for corporate compliance. Offline capability on your maintenance mobile app might help you keep track of all of these tasks. It is imperative in fusion cloud mobile applications to ensure that all work was accomplished at the precise asset location, completed repairs, inspection data, and attachments.


The Advantages of a Maintenance Mobile Solution

In asset-rich firms, there are numerous immediate benefits to employing a maintenance mobility solution in oracle fusion cloud applications. Employee satisfaction and retention are improved with mobile solutions because they reduce overhead, decrease paperwork, improve overall data quality, and provide more accurate job documentation. The following are some of the instant advantages of a solid mobile solution:


  • The backlog of work orders is being reduced
  • Increasing the length of the wrench
  • Overtime hours are being reduced
  • Access to vital asset data should be improved
  • Improve condition-based maintenance data significantly


Working with Intellinum helps you gain access to Intellinum’s FlexiPro mobile solutions provide a low-cost, low-risk asset inspection and maintenance mobility solution that runs in the cloud, giving technicians access to the whole asset work lifecycle. Our solutions enable the flexibility to function without Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity by integrating with fusion cloud mobile application, Oracle Maintenance Cloud, Peoplesoft, and many more. We offer a tried-and-true solution to assist your entire team in achieving maintenance reliability on all of your essential assets.