Intellinum Flexi LogiPro

An Oracle-certified innovative mobile solution for Oracle WMS Cloud and SCM Cloud. It provides users with a modern, intuitive, barcode-enabled and personalizable user interface running on mobile devices with Windows CE/Mobile, Android, and iOS.


Certified by Oracle, available on Cloud Marketplace

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Features & Benefits

One Platform for All

One single mobile platform for WMS cloud, Manufacturing Cloud and Inventory Cloud mobile transactions


Streamline your operations by automating key strokes, defaulting values and hiding unused fields

Extra Functionality

Add new field to display more information or capture data, additional validation or new logic that calls API or reports

Augment Technology

Augment Oracle WMS Cloud RF screens with an intuitive and touch-screen enabled graphical user interface (GUI) on handheld devices, smartphones and desktop

Automatic Data Request

Call web services in Oracle WMS Cloud or SCM Cloud to perform additional tasks such as auto generate LPN, print label, call web report, etc.

Cloud Based

Flexi LogiPro is provided as a SaaS application which runs on the cloud so customer will have a low cost of entry and ownership.

Rapid Development

The personalization engine provides the benefit of rapid development time where changes can be applied and tested immediately without code compile or server bounce.

Modern UI/UX

Flexi LogiPro is served with modern intuitive GUI screens for all RF screens which can give a boost to employee productivity and streamline transactions.

Flexi LogiPro vs Other Competitors


Flexi LogiPro

  • A single mobile platform for both SCM Cloud and WMS Cloud, providing same look and feel
  • Supports all major platforms: Android, Windows CE/Mobile and iOS
  • Includes personalization engine to change existing screens and studio to build new screens
  • Secure Web Socket, less latency
  • Native application
  • Supports Telnet and SSH client


Here are some of our key differences


  • Usability
  • Client OS
  • Change Existing or Build
    New Screens
  • Connection Technology
  • Client Technology
  • Text Based Client Support


Other Products

  • Have to switch between two different mobile applications for WMS and SCM transactions
  • Do not support Windows CE/Mobile, customers have to upgrade devices
  • Requires changes or new screens to be developed by them (vendor lock-in)
  • HTTP has more latency as each HTTP cycle has to be constructed
  • HTML browser
  • No Support

Single Mobile Application for SCM Cloud and WMS Cloud

Flexi LogiPro for Oracle Inventory Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Maintenance Cloud and Fixed Asset Cloud, users only need one single mobile application to perform transactions related to warehousing, manufacturing and inventory. No more switching back and forth between two systems.


Graphic User
with touch-

Flexi LogiPro comes with fast native
mobile application with modern
UI/UX – available on all major
mobile platforms such as Android,
Windows CE/Mobile, and iOS.

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Extend mobile screens in Oracle WMS Cloud, Inventory
Cloud, and Manufacturing Cloud with Flexi built-in
powerful personalization engine. Or build entirely new
screens quickly using Flexi Studio and integrates to any
ERP systems.

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