Success Story: Cook Biotech

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Cook Biotech Relies on Oracle SCM Cloud + FlexiPro Mobility to Drive Inventory and Manufacturing Excellence



Cook Biotech is a Biotechnology company based in West Lafayette, Indiana, and a pioneer in the creation and distribution of advanced tissue-repair products. Cook Biotech manufactures products that aid in tissue repair and regeneration. The highly technical, regulated industry that Cook Biotech operates in requires an extremely precise system to manage their manufacturing and inventory processes. Cook Biotech realized the value of a modern Supply Chain system and decided to implement Oracle Cloud SCM. Mid-way through the implementation, Cook Biotech saw the value of using a mobile supply chain execution system to complement Oracle SCM, and partnered with Intellinum to implement the FlexiPro mobility platform.




  • Data Accuracy: Data entered into the system was prone to error
  • Adoption Rate: Without a mobile interface, adoption of a new system would be challenging, as many users did not have the ability to go to a laptop or station because of their work in a lab setting
  • Manual Processes: Completing Work Orders was tedious, requiring pen and paper and manual entry into legacy systems




  • Implement a cloud-based solution to manage Inventory and Manufacturing processes.
  • Decrease labor time spent on data entry and tribal knowledge of current processes.
  • Improve the posture of the organization to track Lot and Serial numbers for the various inventory groups in the company.
  • Build better reports for financial and operational decision-making.
  • Ensure kits carried the appropriate serial number and tied the data back to the system of record in their ERP.
  • Capture time to value for a new Supply Chain system as quickly as possible.




Cook Biotech was searching for a powerful inventory management system that could also handle its unique and regulated manufacturing requirements. Cook Biotech selected Oracle Cloud due to its robust feature set and connected platform spanning across ERP and SCM. In order to recognize the full power of Oracle Cloud SCM, FlexiPro was selected to enable mobile access through handheld devices across their labs. Intellinum engaged Cook Biotech in the middle of their Oracle Cloud implementation.


From the start, Cook Biotech would need to build kits with specific, pre-packed items within each. These kits needed to be tracked and the lot number needed to be captured.


By leveraging the FlexiPro mobility solution for handheld data capture, Cook Biotech could easily scan these kits and the lot information would be passed to Oracle Cloud.


Enhanced data capture led to better data for Cook Biotech to analyze. Financial and operational leadership could better plan for internal orders and manage their spend more efficiently.


The seamless integration from Oracle Cloud to FlexiPro meant that Cook Biotech could quickly implement and Go-Live with FlexiPro to align with their inflight implementation, realizing ROI at a faster rate than they expected.




Better data in Oracle Cloud led to better decision making for Cook Biotech’s leadership.


The successful implementation of Oracle Inventory, Manufacturing, and FlexiPro increased operational efficiency, allowed for better inventory visibility for regulatory demands, and increased customer satisfaction.  In Cook Biotech’s own words:


The Intellinum FlexiPro application works seamlessly with our Oracle Cloud Inventory and Manufacturing systems, letting us quickly capture data as our inventory moves through our facilities and manage our manufacturing process more efficiently. Enabling a mobile supply chain execution system with Intellinum & Oracle Cloud gives us better visibility into decision making and saves our warehouse team time on the floor, ultimately driving a strong Return on Investment for our business and letting us focus on what is important: our customers.” – Cheyenne Carpenter, Manufacturing Systems Manager

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