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Oracle WMS Cloud + Intellinum’s FlexiPro Mobility Solution Improves Medical Device Manufacturer’s Warehouse Operations Resulting in 99% Inventory Accuracy


Hanger is a leading provider of prosthetics and orthotics with more than 900 locations across the country. Hanger’s aim is to empower human potential: the mission is to transform their patients’ lives by increasing the mobility of every person they serve. Hanger stores a vast number of materials to manufacture their products, with many items being small and tedious to manage. The Hanger team was looking to automate and modernize shop floor and warehouse processes.




* Need to Automate: Manual processes were consuming operator’s time.
* Improve Accuracy: Past Physical Inventory Counting unveiled errors in counts.
* Accurate Ordering: Hanger would over-order inventory due to inaccurate visibility into the actual amounts of inventory on-hand.
* Reduce Labor Costs: Legacy processes meant Hanger had to increase the size and shift length for hourly workers, driving up labor costs.



* Increase the accuracy of Physical Inventory with barcode scanning.
* Drive user adoption of the Oracle WMS Cloud to recognize the new efficiencies.
* Reduce on-boarding time for new hires.
* Decrease the time it took to perform Physical Inventory.
* Reduce variance between cycle counts.
* Improve real-time visibility into inventory levels and reduce inventory accuracy errors.
* Right-size supplier orders by having a more accurate picture of on-hand inventory.

Oracle WMS Cloud + Intellinum’s FlexiPro Mobility Solution was selected to modernize warehouse operations. Intellinum worked closely to ensure that FlexiPro would not only solve the challenges Hanger faced, but also drive additional value that yielded significant Return on Investment. FlexiPro provided an intuitive User Interface that was tightly integrated with Hanger’s Oracle WMS Cloud. Warehouse users could easily view and transact in Oracle WMS Cloud from a mobile scanner or tablet. Along with a clean and real-time connection to Oracle WMS Cloud, FlexiPro let users scan barcodes to quickly and accurately capture data in the warehouse.



The successful implementation of Oracle Cloud WMS + FlexiPro resulted in increased operational efficiencies. Before adding FlexiPro, Hanger performed their Physical Inventory in 4.5 days with 90% accuracy. After implementing FlexiPro, they completed Physical Inventory for 40,000 items in 1.5 days with 99% accuracy. Hanger’s adoption of Oracle WMS Cloud with FlexiPro has freed up resources from tedious processes to let the business focus on changing their patients’ lives.

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