Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Oracle SCM Cloud Software

Supply chains come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A business can provide labor, finished goods, parts, supplies, and materials, among other things. Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud (or Oracle SCM Cloud) has the solutions you need, no matter what your supply chain looks like or what parts of it your firm is associated with. For the purposes of this piece, we’ll concentrate on businesses that sell or manufacture actual goods.


To streamline operations and keep up with change, Oracle SCM Cloud connects your supply network to business applications including Supply Chain Planning, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, and Procurement.


The Business Applications and Features of Oracle SCM Cloud


Oracle SCM Cloud Software and Managers


Because you’re the one who makes the product, you’ll need Oracle Manufacturing Cloud. However, you must purchase the materials to manufacture the product, which necessitates the use of Procurement and Inventory Management. You must market the product now that it has been created! Whether you’re selling directly to the consumer or through an intermediary, the thing you’ve just created needs to go somewhere. Order Management and barcode scanning inventory systems can assist you in ensuring that your products are delivered to the correct locations. If you work with multiple vendors, you’ll need to know how much to order from each one at any given time. Supply Chain Planning will be required. Oracle Maintenance Cloud is required if you need to maintain track of the equipment used to manufacture a product and ensure that it is ready and in working order at all times. Oracle Logistics Cloud is required if you have several buyers and are responsible for product delivery. Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud is required if you must create and manufacture new products for sale.


Inventory and Manufacturing


Let’s take a closer look at two of the available applications: Manufacturing and Inventory Tracking System. What is the significance of these two? They are, without a doubt, the most significant apps for both manufacturers and retailers. Most of the accessible apps, as described above, will be utilized by all organizations with physical items, but Oracle Manufacturing Cloud and Oracle Inventory Management Cloud will most likely be used by most individuals in any specific company. Oracle combines the Manufacturing and Inventory Management job areas into a single tab named Supply Chain Execution.


Oracle Inventory Management Cloud


It provides full materials management, allowing you to improve replenishment, costing, profitability, and inventory tracking. Inventory management is done in real-time, which means that balances, statues, and counts are always current. To streamline business procedures, you can automate fulfillment choices including drop-ship, back-to-back, and supplier-consigned inventory. You can also establish alerts to warn you when inventory stock falls below or exceeds particular thresholds, as well as coordinate inventory with supply and demand planning.


Oracle SCM Cloud and Retailers


A merchant offers products in a variety of locations and virtually always stores excess inventory in a few central warehouses. How do you keep track of where everything is? The Oracle SCM Cloud software suite includes Inventory Management, Logistics, and Order Management. To purchase products for your warehouse, you’ll need Oracle Procurement Cloud. Your inventory will be updated with these items. Various stores can place orders from your warehouse based on inventory information to have items transferred from the warehouse to their retail store, and Oracle Logistics Cloud will handle it.


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