Optimized Production with Mobile Scanning Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

Optimized Production with Mobile Scanning Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

Oracle Manufacturing Cloud promises fundamental discrete and process manufacturing capabilities on the cloud. It allows you to set up, manage, execute, and cost your manufacturing activities more efficiently. It facilitates standard product manufacturing in-house for both discrete and process manufacturing. Furthermore, it permits contract manufacture of items done to plan or order for discrete production and allows configured products to be executed to plan or order. It supports discrete and processes manufacturing situations in which one or more work order operations are outsourced to a provider who specializes in manufacturing. Process and discrete manufacturing can both be done in the same facility. The increased ability to batch produce multiple co-products and by-products lays the groundwork for mixed-mode manufacturing in the same facility. It aids in the implementation of project-specific manufacturing. Mobile Scanning Oracle Manufacturing Cloud is a comprehensive and full supply chain solution for discrete and process manufacturing organizations that work in tandem with other Oracle Cloud apps.


Material replenishment that is accurate and efficient is a critical component of high-performance manufacturing and assembly line operations. Manufacturers require an item replenishment process that ensures work centers always have the necessary inventory in the right place at the right time to cut costs and waste. Recognizing this need, Intellinum created FlexiPro an SCM cloud software, a mobile replenishment solution that enables manufacturing and assembly operations to automate just-in-time material supply to manufacturing work centers using Mobile Scanning Oracle Manufacturing Cloud.


Streamline Your Manufacturing Operations with FlexiPro Oracle Manufacturing Cloud


FlexiPro from Intellinum is a self-regulating pull system that allows for shorter lead times and lower inventory levels from start to finish. The inventory is pulled and delivered just in time in response to the work center’s requests. Manufacturers who use the FlexiPro, Mobile Scanning Manufacturing Cloud procedure save money by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary new inventory and lowering the expense of storing and maintaining existing inventory through Mobile Scanning oracle inventory cloud. In a lean manufacturing philosophy, actual material usage drives inventory replenishment decisions, which is the premise behind Intellinum’s FlexiPro system.


This notion is realized in Intellinum’s FlexiPro solutions, which enable manufacturers using Oracle manufacturing cloud to use an efficient, cloud-based Flexi logo pro procedure. Users can put up digital cloud cards that show what is being replenished in the FlexiPro program, which provides a real-time picture of inventory movement from pick to delivery. As needed, these cards are supplied to labor centers. Picking, delivery, and replenishment requests are all handled in a paperless and automated manner.


A completely configurable FlexiPro feature is included in the applications, allowing users to choose the production items, quantity, and cards required for a given work center. This procedure makes use of Oracle SCM Cloud sub inventories and locators to display production-consumption in real-time for Oracle SCM Cloud users, and the template manages back to stock using Oracle Manufacturing Cloud’s warehouse replenishment rules. Additionally, if a card item is delivered directly from a supplier, Intellinum’s FlexiPro will create an item requisition using Oracle SCM Cloud’s purchasing rules.


Intellinum’s FlexiPro for Mobile scanning manufacturing cloud is designed to be versatile and reconfigurable to fit a manufacturing operation’s individual inventory demands. It supports FEFO and fixed picking options and may be set to function with virtual cards and totes or barcoded cards and actual bins. It also allows users to set selection priorities depending on organizations and the software can recommend multiple sub inventories and prioritize picking based on those suggestions.


Centralizes the Systems to Process Work Orders


Intellinum FlexiPro integrates with mobile scanning oracle manufacturing cloud to improve material replenishment speed and visibility. The mobile scanning oracle manufacturing cloud application automates movement requests and creates a picking record in Oracle Manufacturing Cloud, with each transaction being fully recorded for proper tracking and accountability.


Manufacturers benefit from Intellinum FlexiPro for mobile scanning oracle manufacturing cloud application, which boosts productivity, inventory efficiency, compliance, and revenue growth. It offers a unique blend of automation for firms looking to reduce inefficiencies, save costs, and respond fast to consumer demand using a lean manufacturing approach.