Businesses Maximize Asset ROI

Businesses Maximize Asset ROI with Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Application

Every company is looking for innovative methods to boost profits by increasing production, lowering expenses, and improving overall efficiency. Critical company information may be securely accessible for your staff using Cloud technologies and mobile apps through Oracle mobile supply chain application.


You can stay up to current on asset conditions, locations, and maintenance history using mobile apps to keep your business running smoothly. The fusion cloud mobile application is useful in maximizing business assets through its buildable features. For a better working experience, employees can access all vital information at any time and from any location. This capability enables your employees to work more efficiently, reduce asset downtime, and boost production. Mobile is ubiquitous and pervades every aspect of our life. The Intellinum mobile application on top of Oracle Cloud SCM modules is a comprehensive solution, where business owners can make the inventory transactions smoother. Easy to handle, supports all platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, great usability.


Accountability is Essential


Whether your documentation is lost, damaged, or incomplete, it can stifle your company’s capacity to complete additional tasks, cause profit loss due to overpaying, or even cause you to lose track of your assets. Information can be recorded quickly and correctly using mobility solutions, and then securely synchronized back to your ERP system. Mobile computing for manufacturing was born out of the need for precise, real-time data throughout the supply chain. Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications allows a mobile client device to communicate with a networked computer system. Using wireless radio frequency devices that can be hand-held, wearable, ring scanning systems, and lift truck-mounted, this technology allows users to complete shop floor and warehouse transactions from any position in a facility. Data entry can be done manually or with the help of a barcode scanner. Default values make transactions in the supply chain and on the shop floor easier to conduct and more accurate. Transactions entered through Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications can be executed instantly (on-line transactions) or asynchronously (asynchronous transactions).


Keeping in Touch From Anywhere


This is one of the best features of an oracle mobile supply chain application. 68 percent of workers already use their mobile devices at work, according to CBS MoneyWatch. With this in mind, you may boost employee engagement by utilizing goods they are already familiar with, especially if you choose a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile approach. From a point of job execution, your employees may capture transactions, record work information, and even close out all given tasks using mobile apps. All of the key materials you’ll need to maintain your assets are right at your fingertips.


Working Outside of Wi-Fi or Cellular Range


Without using Wifi or cellular networks, your employees may access work orders, job requests, and crucial asset information using Intellinum’s comprehensive suite of mobile apps. The fusion cloud mobile application helps you stay connected even in a low network range. No matter where they are in the field, employees, contractors, temporary employees, and contingent workers may access whatever they need and even log time. Once the employees are back in a network coverage area, all captured data is securely synchronized back to the firm.




FlexiPro from Intellinum is an Oracle Mobile Supply Chain application tool that lets you go from reactive to proactive maintenance. This means spending less time hunting for OEM instructions on paper and having them available electronically as an attachment to a work order on demand. FlexiPro from Intellinum gives you historical asset data so you can make better decisions about whether to repair or replace pieces of any particular asset. This increases overall performance by allowing more jobs to be completed per shift. The main functionality of Intellinum’s FlexiPro is to work smarter, not harder, to boost your production levels to world-class levels. Our apps feature a lot of built-in functionality that may be customized to meet your specific asset management procedure. Learn more about our asset maintenance app to discover whether it’s a good fit for your company.