Streamline Your Inventory Transactions with Oracle Cloud Mobile App

Inventory transactions are a critical accounting concept that affects the business of every size. With diligent transaction management, businesses can improve their operational efficiency and other things in the long run.


Since it’s the era of the solution, it’s high time that you dump your old ways of inventory transactions and switch to the Oracle cloud mobile app. It has everything that businesses put on priority in a single application to smooth things in their business including transactions. The real-time updates will help you cut down the cost and time in comparison to pursuing inventory processes manually. 


How Oracle Fusion Inventory Solutions Can Help You With Inventory Transactions?


When you are dealing with inventory transactions on a manual basis, the following ways invite a lot of hustle.


  • You start by recording the transactions intake in accounts receivable.
  • You record the number and cost of products sold.
  • Next, you calculate the revenue and put it on record.
  • You move on to record the inventory value.
  • Include the tax liability and so on.


You may have dozed down reading the steps. Imagine pursuing the above process in your daily routine for your inventory transactions!


To take care of this task, Oracle cloud mobile apps come as a seamless option with added benefits.  Catch a glance at all of them to clear your mind of any second thoughts.


1. Ease of process

The mobile app comes in handy for businesses that have to handle different tasks from a single place. It eliminates any burden and helps you do it all without any burden.


2. Real-time evaluation

Check your transactions and other business activities without any technical glitches from anywhere and anytime. You are just a click away from any inventory-related information you wish to seek.


3. A great time saver

Time is an asset to any business. With the liberty of doing inventory transactions from your mobile, the Oracle fusion inventory solution saves your time as well as effort.


4. Accuracy

The technology shows that you proceed with a safe and error-free transaction for your inventory. You can enter the exact figures and save yourself all the families that you would lose while making a manual transaction.


5. Speed

The mobile transactions for inventory speedy work by fetching every data quickly in comparison to the traditional ways. Moreover, once done with it, you can keep a better check on your goods that have been ordered, that are on their way, and the ones that have been delivered along with their payments.


6. Hassle-free work

Every business has too much to deal with. If the processes involved can be efficiently taken care of by technology, the professionals can focus on many important things. The Oracle fusion mobile app offers you the flexibility to shift your attention to other important things in your business and fuse the above-mentioned benefits in the whole process.


End Notes

Inventory transactions on the books can be prone to errors,  loss of time, and effort. While dealing with an array of inventory transactions, you need to have solid technology to back you up. The categories of products can be separated based on their type, their selling location, taxes, and more to deal from a single platform.


So, if you are still struggling with your manual bookkeeping for your inventory transactions, it’s a sign that you welcome technology on board for your business and get things done smoothly. Explore the wonders of Oracle fusion inventory solutions for your business.