Oracle Fusion Inventory Mobile Application

Change The Way Your Business Functions With Oracle Fusion Inventory Mobile Application

Smartphone applications can accomplish many of the basic ERP activities. Did you know that the oracle fusion inventory mobile application has mobile applications for most of its essential modules? Did you know that you can activate these in a matter of minutes? On iOS and Android smartphones, oracle fusion inventory mobile applications allow users to conduct necessary operations or act on transactions.


Why Should You Pick Intellinum FlexiPro For Your Business?


  • The customization engine enables quick development by allowing changes to be implemented and tested without the need for a code compilation or a server bounce.
  • All RF displays in FlexiPro come with contemporary, intuitive GUI interfaces, which may increase staff productivity and expedite transactions.
  • FlexiPro is offered as a software as a service (SaaS) program that operates in the cloud, resulting in a cheap cost of entry and ownership for customers.
  • Automate keystrokes, set default settings, and hide unneeded fields to streamline your processes.


Mobile Inventory for Oracle SCM Cloud


Improves the Accuracy of Your Inventory: Users can always keep track of all objects thanks to comprehensive support for a lot and serial control.


Validation in Real-Time: Look for inventory products, resources, and parts with ease. Also, with real-time validation, transact against purchase orders and sales orders.


Work Distribution by Role: Distribute inventory work to technicians’ mobile devices in a secure manner depending on their roles and responsibilities.


End-to-End Visibility: To successfully convey and monitor all inventory data to its eventual destination, barcodes and RFID technologies are used.


The mobile revolution must be seen as a whole, not as a collection of fragmented systems or divisions. Mobile apps, back-end systems, integration approaches, security considerations, lifecycle management procedures, and many other factors are all interdependent. Intellinum recognizes the challenges of creating a mobile environment that is safe, scalable, and comprehensive enough for the entire organization.


Management Should Be Made Easier With Fusion Cloud Mobile Application


Cloud computing is causing widespread disruption in the IT industry. When you add in mobility as a new lens through which to examine cloud infrastructures, we’re talking about a new global order. Your brand can gain a competitive edge by centralizing corporate mobility to the cloud, which is based on easily available APIs, built-in analytics, strong lifecycle management tools, and collaborative services for all sorts of developers and business managers.


Technology is not slowing down, whether it is evolving or revolutionizing. Intellinum is the only firm that can bring it all together by combining on-premises systems, cloud environments, SaaS applications, PaaS environments, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobility into a holistic, “future-ready” solution with Fusion Cloud Mobile Application.


Analytics Should Be Made Easier With Mobile Inventory For Oracle SCM Cloud


Every element of our life is impacted by mobile computing. To provide excellent user experiences, mobility must be consistently optimized. Understanding client demands properly necessitates thorough analytics, which entails more than just tracking downloads and clicks. Organizations must track and measure mobile app use on a granular, contextual level to better understand performance and user behavior to enhance adoption and optimize the user experience. Custom use and performance data are available through the oracle fusion inventory mobile application, which can track activity down to individual APIs. These indicators are cross-referenced and examined across time and geography with custom events and actions. They’re displayed in easy-to-understand dashboards to aid in making better data-driven decisions.


Simplified Security System With Oracle Fusion Inventory Mobile Application


To comply with organizational standards and security regulations, mobile apps will be able to securely access back-end services. Encryption, data loss protection, and single sign-on are all included in Intellinum’s fusion inventory mobile application. This platform makes an advantage of current company security procedures. Rather than attempting to learn how to become mobile security specialists, developers can concentrate on creating fantastic apps. Users can be assigned enterprise apps based on regulations that include the user’s role, device, current location, and time zone. Without sacrificing security, user experience, or privacy, the oracle fusion inventory mobile application enables enterprise plans that involve both “bring your own” and corporate-owned devices.


Wrapping Up


Improve customer happiness, save expenses, and optimize service levels and working capital investment by gaining complete visibility and control over the movement of commodities within your organization and worldwide supply networks. Easily work with your whole team in a cloud-based environment. Create apps that connect to any of your current back-end systems while preserving the enterprise-level security you want. Reach out to the professionals of Intellinum today!