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Custom Picking Screen for Oracle WMS Cloud

Intellinum FlexiPro is a suite of mobile logistics applications that integrate with Oracle SCM Cloud/WMS Cloud. It provides end-users with an intuitive, productive, and barcode-enabled user interface running on mobile devices with Windows CE/Mobile, Android, and iOS operating systems. The transactions that are performed on the mobile device will be interfaced in real-time to Oracle SCM Cloud/WMS Cloud to increase inventory visibility and accuracy. The personalization engine is one of the key features which helps customers to customize/extend their existing WMS Cloud solutions.


One such use case which was developed through FlexiPro is the Custom Picking Screen for Oracle WMS Cloud.


Customer Requirement:


As per the business process, the forklift drivers weren’t familiar with the task numbers. All they know is the dock door they are at and the orders which need to be picked. The custom screen should display one button for every dock which is linked with load/route associated with that user (forklift driver).




  • System derives the list of assigned tasks that belong to the user
  • From the tasks, the system then gets the list of orders allocated
  • From the orders, it derives the route and then corresponding loads
  • From the loads, it gets the dock doors which is then shown as buttons on the screen
  • User can click on the dock buttons which will then show the list of orders that it contains in a table format
  • User then selects the order and it will show the corresponding tasks.
  • Upon selecting the relevant task, the system will navigate to the Standard RF Execute Tasks screen for further process of task completion


Below are some screenshots of the Custom screen and Youtube link for a quick demo of the custom picking screen solutions for Oracle WMS Cloud





Screen Shot 2019 11 20 at 06.19.47             Screen Shot 2019 11 20 at 06.20.03