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Level Up Your Brand With Customized Oracle WMS Cloud and Scale New Heights

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud ushers in a new era in supply chain execution solutions, offering sophisticated expanded warehouse management features at a lower total cost of ownership. It is about cutting-edge features, mobile solutions, and a simple web interface, and everything in between. The system is highly adaptable, allowing for quick and cost-effective implementation as well as the ability to grow and expand with your company. With the capability of a cloud-based, best-of-breed warehouse management solution, you can be future-ready.


Make Multi-Channel Fulfilment A Thing Of The Past


Support multi-channel demand and orchestrate fulfilment and execution procedures so that customers can buy, fulfill, and return products from any location. Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud provides comprehensive multichannel capability, allowing complete warehouse and logistics fulfillment from any web-enabled device.


Inbound and outbound fulfilment execution, yard management, cross-dock, and to-store management, value-added services, and reverse logistics are all part of the solution, which manages inventory from the factory to the distribution center to the store, and finally to the customer. Legacy transportation and warehouse management systems frequently fail to offer a view into trailers in the yard, resulting in substantial visibility gaps that might cause fulfillment delays. The solution immediately addresses this issue by making it easier to locate shipments in trailers so that high-priority items may be unloaded faster.


Improve Store Inventory Management and Filling


Optimize and automate shop operations with multichannel fulfilment needs with purpose-built efficacy. Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud can be used to handle items outside of typical warehouses, such as in stores or stock rooms. From pre-receiving to receiving, stock replenishment, inventory cycle and physical counts, omnichannel fulfilment from the shop, and even returns, the system maintains and delivers entire inventory responsibility and visibility in the store or stock room. Oracle WMS Cloud software enables you to enhance inventory and productivity from beginning to finish throughout your entire supply chain and retail.


Scalability Improvement Through Automation


Oracle Warehouse Management Automation Cloud is a new approach to connect your Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud to your automated facilities’ warehouse control systems (WCS). This innovative technology improves warehouse efficiency, scalability, and the ability to serve consumers more quickly. Oracle Warehouse Management Automation Cloud Service offers a set of APIs that allow you to communicate with your WCS and the Oracle WMS Cloud activities that function around it.


Superior Management Of The Workforce


Warehouse managers can gain a better understanding of their operations and personnel with Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud, which may help them decrease labor inefficiencies, increase overall performance, and increase accuracy. Key performance indicators (KPIs) in Oracle Warehouse Worker Management Cloud control and track workforce performance based on verifiable goals. Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud is critical to increasing the productivity of warehouse and in-store operations, and hence the entire supply chain, with an easy-to-use, flexible user interface and radio frequency (RF) technology utilized by warehouse operators.


Dashboards & Intuitive Supply Chain Analytics


Real-time operational analysis, reporting, and alarm management are all possible with intuitive analytics and dashboards. Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud comes with a collection of tools for creating dashboards and reports, as well as a way to summarise key performance data across many warehouses, sourcing sites, and even retailers. The system delivers real-time actionable data on on-site utilization, inventory fragmentation, and other warehouse performance issues thanks to sophisticated reporting, alerting, and scheduling capabilities.


The World’s First 100-Percent Cloud Logistics Solution


Companies that use Oracle’s Logistics Cloud solution, which comprises Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud and Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, can now manage, track, and visualize inventory in real-time across fulfilment centers, 3PLs, retail shelves, and inventory in route. Companies can transition from a flat supply chain to a multi-dimensional network model, allowing them to respond to ever-changing marketplace conditions, and improve inventory velocity and lower fulfilment costs by linking networks in real-time. Are you ready to level up your brand with customized Oracle WMS Cloud? We’re merely one dial away!