4 simple reviews to improve your warehouse operations efficiently

4 Simple Reviews to Improve Your Warehouse Operations Efficiently

For software providers, these suggestions are not crucial because they have well established concepts. But for many warehousing operations, which haven’t been at the forefront of technology, these presented ideas could give an immense boost to your company warehouse operations.


1. Collaborate Data with Clients and Partners


Interfacing, EDI, data exchange, API and web services are just some of the terms which relate to the topic of systems communicating automatically with one another. The pre-mentioned terms often get thrown around incorrectly as each term does indeed mean something slightly different but they all relate to the same idea, data collaboration electronically.


Businesses do this to reduce manual error and increase efficiency which results in accurate information for better decisions and improved working relationships. This in turn helps to support common goals including better service to clients, lower costs and increased profits.


The vast majority of system providers have moved away, or are slowly moving away, from legacy technology such as sending flat files (e.g. csv files) from one system to another because there are now significantly better ways of communicating using web technology which is far more robust and works in true real time resulting in multiple systems acting working closer together. This is very important especially when one of more software providers are working together to provide a solution.


2. Proper Fitting of Job Roles and System


The warehouse is the heart and soul of many fulfilment operations but is often the first to be blamed for any shortcomings in the service provided to clients.


Common issues include sending the wrong products, wrong quantities, wrong batches or sell by dates, stock out of rotation or simply losing stock in the warehouse resulting in the businesses is taking orders they just can’t fulfil and letting clients down are all common complaints. The result is usually increased costs with replacements sent on expensive express shipment services and more importantly, a loss in customer confidence reducing the chance of repeat business.


In our experience, the vast majority of employees working in warehousing and fulfilment roles take pride in doing a good job and getting things right first time. The problem they often face is their roles become increasingly complicated because the operation has changed beyond recognition but the systems haven’t.


By implementing suitable processes and associated a best of breed cloud WMS to support their roles, you give employees the best chance of success every time. This will result in higher levels of job satisfaction, better staff retention an overall improvement in business culture and of course better service to clients.


3. Remove Dependency on Individuals


We have seen many small to medium warehouses and regional depots running remarkably well with a relatively small amount of automation. However, experience has shown that these operations are very dependent on key people who really make the operation tick and keep things working well.


When planning medium to long term, removing dependency on key people within a warehouse and fulfilment operation should be a very high priority for any business. This is not about removing these key people from the business however; alongside a tier one cloud WMS they will add even more value being able to focus their efforts on value added services and people management rather than keeping the basics running with responsibilities such as locating stock, typically when no one else can!


Removing this dependency is not just about implementing a great cloud warehouse management system, it also needs strong operational support. This should include regular training and refresher training for long standing employees – bad habits are easy to pick up which inhibit growth.


An ideal way to introduce change and remove dependency is to implement new technology around processes so if those key people can be better utilized or if they do choose to move on, the operation can continue as before without a period of chaos and workarounds which will impact customer service, increase stress for everyone and ultimately reduce profitability.


4. Embrace Technology

Technology advances very quickly and with new innovation comes new opportunities to streamline operations and increase the value of the data which can be retrieved from systems allowing businesses to make better decisions. Following the development of technology doesn’t mean that you have to keep changing your system or do some big revolve.


For example here in Intellinum, we can help you streamline transactions by eliminating the complex part of executing Oracle Warehouse Management and Mobile Supply Chain Application. Additionally, we also provide you with many extra features to personalize and extend the system based on what your company needs. This will give your company an extraordinary benefit of having a fully personalized WMS / MSCA system.


By using Intellinum solutions, your oracle WMS could be used to give maximum results with less the effort.