Improving Employee Productivity

Improving Employee Productivity – Simple but Absolute

How to Improve Employee Productivity?


think out of box



If we try to search online, mostly the standard answers we’ll get are:


  • Delegate Right
  • Leadership is the Key
  • Effective Communication
  • Give Incentives
  • Clear Goals
  • And many more…


These are good suggestions, but we simply think there should be a more creative solution with absolute result.

First, let’s take a good look inside the box



Basics are golden solution for improvement. This is common knowledge we have to agree upon. In this case of increasing employee productivity, the basics are as mentioned above in all article served online ; a human-centered approach (leadership, communication, standard operational, clear goals, etc).


However, after every basic point needed to be done to increase productivity is checked, you would realize that your company still constantly needs room for improvements and there isn’t much that can be altered to achieve that goal.


This is the part where we need to THINK OUT OF THE BOX.

How Does Intellinum Play a Role in Employee Productivity


Generally, Intellinum helps your company to improve by delivering a complete suite of innovative business solutions.


Think of this analogy –  you may be able to run in nature even without shoes, but you will definitely run faster if you wear one. It is shown in that analogy that the shoes didn’t give you any new ability, but in fact it improve your ability greatly.


To be more specific, Intellinum improves your warehouse efficiency and productivity in the execution of Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Application (MSCA).
And even better, in this case, we not only boost your ability to use the WMS & MSCA (greatly enhance user experience (UX) by creating a super friendly user interface (UI)), but also give you new abilities to tweak the application (add new functionalities, custom screen personalization, and many more).


Our solution, an Oracle Validated Integration solution, consist of:


Express Server – an Oracle Validated Integration solution to existing Oracle MWA server providing personalization capabilities to all Oracle WMS/MSCA mobile screens. This allows customers to streamline warehouse execution and improve inventory control without complex Java coding.


  • Automate or streamline transactions with defaulting values, automating keystrokes, hiding unused fields and integrating multiple transactions together
  • Extend existing MWA screens with Java or PL/SQL, call any APIs in Oracle EBS and leverage your existing IT team PL/SQL skill
  • Create new screens to fill business gaps
  • Advanced 1D or 2D barcode parsing engine to capture multiple data points with a single scan
  • Add validation to any fields in any screens, checking for condition and stopping user or providing confirmation dialog


Express Client – a graphical-based client application, an inventory management software, available on Windows Handheld, Android and iOS platform, which provides a modern, attractive, touch enabled and user-friendly interface.


  • Developed as native application, resulting in faster and cleaner UI  with high stability
  • Ability to leverage native device functions such as camera, NFC, GPS
  • Text file configuration allowing easy management and deployment to multiple devices
  • Easy installation, there is no need to install JVM and Java GUI Client application anymore.
  • Full support of function keys and control keys.
  • Full compatibility with MWA server