Importance of Supply Chain Visibility in 2021 new

Importance of Supply Chain Visibility in 2021

An inventory supply chain is all about knowing what is happening in your supply chain. Notwithstanding its straightforward meaning, which can also be misleading, it is not easy to figure out. In the most recent years, various businesses have encountered inventory disturbances brought about by various unforeseen events. The novel coronavirus pandemic is one of the prime examples. In this article, we take a look at why supply chain visibility is critical in 2021.


All About Supply Chain Visibility


Supply chain visibility is about tracking raw materials and components from the manufacturers. It can be done right from the business’s manufacturing till the product reaches the customer. When we talk of the retail segment, it will include everyone from the manufacturer to the end customer.


Qualities of an Efficient Supply Chain


The dominating trait of an efficient supply chain is its capacity to build up the general status of all components of the supply chain. It also includes the capacity to go deep to get added details. When we talk of manufacturing, it ought to be feasible that all information sources needed for manufacturing are accessible. It can either be pre-arranged deliveries or stocks.


In a perfect world, there should be a level of understanding between the business and its stakeholders. It will help in verifying and tracking orders. In the case something turns out badly, efficient supply chain planning solutions will promptly update that there is an issue. On account of the combination with supplier’s systems, this ought to permit an adequate chance to determine the problem.




Supply chains are unpredictable. The complexities of a supply chain can be a significant issue concerning supply chain visibility. It is as critical to businesses as item availability and on-time deliveries. Companies that have better supply chain planning software have good turnovers and profits than others.




The necessities change based on the business activities. In some cases, there is the need to screen and track every component, while in others, following it at a bunch level is acceptable. However, detectability and visibility need to incorporate more than the actual area and component status. Here are some types of supply chain visibility items.


  • Manufacturing date
  • Order data
  • Lot or batch numbers
  • Supplier data
  • Legal, material, and safety certifications


How Does The Visibility of Supply Chain Get Affected?


The most concerning issue with supply chain visibility is getting data together in the correct format. An organization’s supply chain involves everyone right from the manufacturer to the customer. Tracking items is a test if there is distinctive software for every application. Indeed, it could be tough to acquire supply chain visibility except when solutions like SAP and Oracle get used. Additionally, data should remain available in real-time and be actionable in the supply chain solutions.


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