How to Make a Barcode Inventory System for a Small Business?

How to Make a Barcode Inventory System for a Small Business?

Business all across the globe have built their business operations around the barcode inventory management software. In no small measure, barcode inventory system is a part of scores of businesses, big or small. When it is possible to tap data and track products with one click why should one opt for handwritten spreadsheets with the possibility for errors? Introducing, barcode system for small businesses to improve accuracy, streamline business operations, and free up more time.


Managing inventory efficiency is a prime concern for all the businesses out there especially when you own a small business with a lot of challenges popping on the surface including human errors, inventory theft, or even dicey instances of tracking. The barcode inventory management software ensures that the small-sized retail business fulfills the order processes at an ease. It is time to tap flawless inventory management, making the process of monitoring, managing, and securing easy.


What is a Barcode?


The barcode refers to a machine-readable code, which has several parallel lines with numbers assigned to a particular asset. It has encoded information that is depicted in a visual pattern, easily read by the machine, and then converted into a language, which a user can understand. The information contains location, product name of the manufacturer, manufacturing date, expiry date, price, weight, model and make.


How Does the Barcode System for Small Businesses Work?


The barcode plays a very significant role in differentiating one item from another and ensures that the store managers can easily manage sales, inventory, and order fulfillment processes. Let’s take an instance to follow the entire chain of how the barcode system for small businesses would work.


Considering that a product is placed in a warehouse, the worker can easily scan the barcode, which has significant information about the product. This also ensures that the barcode inventory system software would record the entry of the product. When that particular product is purchased, the barcode is scanned by the barcode scanner and then the product details are entered in the customer invoice. Furthermore, the quantity of the product is automatically updated in the barcode inventory software system. This system ensures that the invoice information and sales are taken care of to ensure a happy and satisfied customer experience.


Let’s understand the process into three simple steps to ensure that you can have clear concepts about the barcode inventory system software.


Step 01: Generating Barcodes


The first step is to generate the barcodes for the assets, because if the feeding of data cannot be done in the inventory system, then you cannot generate barcodes. It is significant to import a spreadsheet with accurate product information in the barcode inventory management software system. The system automatically generates the barcode for each item based on its color, brand, size, make, and model. Using the advanced barcode printer, you can print the generated barcodes with merely one click.


Step 02: Labelling the Inventory


Once the printed barcode labels are at your desk, there is a need to physically paste them on each item, which is there in your warehouse to ensure that each product has a unique identity. This is the one step in the entire barcode inventory system software, which requires a lot of human effort however once this task is done, there is clear visibility of each product. Furthermore, the information on the barcode helps you to align with the information concerning actual stock and also pinpoint the issues relating to theft, missing items, lost sales, and overselling.


Step 03: Barcode Scanning


This is the last step wherein you would need to scan the barcode of every item which is available in the store to ensure that there is an accurate record of the available items of stock and inventory. The mobile barcode scanner is very significant to use since it maintains an entry of items when it enters the warehouse or deducts the entry once it leaves the warehouse. This ensures that the process of barcode scanning can be managed at an ease.


How Can the Barcode Inventory Management Software Increase Efficiency of Your Small Business?


Let’s look at how you can scale efficiency by adapting to merely one system!


Providing greater accuracy


Resorting to the barcode inventory management software system, there is a low risk of errors since the stemmed concept of entering data manually goes for a toss. The barcode inventory management software ensures that you can maintain immense accuracy in terms of the data for increased visibility and run smooth business processes.


Enhanced customer satisfaction


The barcode inventory management software helps you to trace the stock levels to ensure that issues stringed to cancellation of orders due to less stock can be eliminated. It also gives the customers a transparent view of the products available for purchase.


Enhances reputation


Clients drop good feedback for the small businesses, which makes the entire process of the supply chain easier and quicker. With the barcode inventory management software, you can be sure that the customers’ heads and hearts will have a positive imprint of your brand. This will not only improve your customer loyalty but also impact your sales and profitability significantly.


Simplifies the accounting process


The best advantage of the barcode inventory management software is that it simplifies the complex process of the accounting system. It helps you to update your maintenance charges, notes product prices, records sale numbers and the rest of everything, which falls under the umbrella of your business. Merely through the scanning of the barcodes, you will have all the counting information of your business at your fingertips.


Eliminates wastage of money


The more any small business is dependent upon the human hands, the higher would be the operating costs. Thus, it is very significant to deploy barcode inventory software, which will help you to scrape off the unnecessary costs. Initially, as a small business, you may find it overwhelming to invest in the barcode inventory software however, it saves you overall costs in the longer run. Furthermore, you need not worry about the surprise costs including, the cost of the wrong shipment, overestimated inventory loss of sales and much more.


Spurts growth


With the advanced barcode inventory software, you can easily manage more orders in an organized manner, which expands your scope of work. The system ensures that you no longer have to waste your precious time over the unwanted challenges but rather focus on expanding your range of products and marketing the same. With merely one click, your entire supply chain process gets automated.


Factors to Consider While Picking a Barcode Inventory Software for a Small Business


It can be a daunting process to pick the perfect combination of the barcode inventory software since you need to understand which set of a scanner, printer, and barcode inventory software will work the best for your small business type. Take a glance through the listicle below to understand the factors which you should be taking into consideration before pick the ideal barcode inventory software system.


  • Understand your business requirements, which includes understanding the type of industry your company falls under. You need to estimate the number of products you deal with, the variants you offer, and the number of warehouses you have.
  • Consider the integrations and software support to understand whether the existing systems at your warehouse would support the new barcode inventory software. If you don’t understand this, it might result in a lot of additional costing. You need experts to help you with the entire process of barcode inventory management software system
  • Understand whether the barcode inventory software system you have picked is scalable for your custom business needs. At the end of the day, you need to have a system, which makes your work easier.
  • Take the legit and genuine reviews of users into consideration to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the barcode inventory management software system you have on your list.
  • Seek a demo option, which you can avail of before purchasing the barcode inventory management software system to ensure that it fits the needs of your business.
  • Consider the idea of pricing to ensure that the barcode system for small businesses resolves your current challenges within your fixed budget. However, remember that this investment will save your business from unnecessary costs in the longer run.

Wrapping Up


Intellinum offers an easy way for small businesses to climb up the ladder of success, ease the business operations and deal with management efficiently with the barcode inventory system software. It is time to stop searching for your inventory and start seeing it with real-time visibility. Are you ready for smart inventory management? We are merely one click away, reach out today!