Flexi Coupa is a Mobile Barcode Inventory Solutions

 Flexi Coupa Mobile Barcode Inventory Solutions, Coupa Cloud Mobile Barcode applications

Flexi Coupa Application provides a solution for Mobile Barcode Scanning based on the Inventory Module which enables transactions for Speed and Accuracy. It gives the flexibility to install the application on various devices supporting platforms like iOS, Android, MAC, or Windows. There is no delay in data refection to the Coupa Cloud System. Also, it supports bulk transactions to QR/Barcode scanning makes it more convenient for users. Inventory transactions such as PO Receipt or Consumptions can be done in a few steps since the application supports a Powerful Barcode Engine, Scanning a single Barcode can Capture multiple data points, e.g. GS1, HIBC.

The Flexi Coupa Provides Mobile Interface for the following Flexi Coupa Inventory Transactions: -

Adjust Balance This transaction allows user to adjust balance of the Inventory. If the physical existence of an item is more than what system is showing then user can update Inventory by Increasing the Quantity.
Disposing Item in PO To Perform disposing of material we can use this functionality which is part of PO Reciept.
Inventory Transfer For Inter or Intra Material transafer in the Inventory, Flexi Coupa Inventory transfer page helps using Barcode Scanning.
Returning PO to Supplier From the same transaction page of PO Receipt we can Return Material to the Supplier.
Inventory Consumption This Transaction allows user to perform Inventory Consumption in which item will be consume from a define Locator of Warehouse.
Purchase Order Receiving This Transaction allows user to perform Receiving of Material from a Vendor.
Bulk Adjust Balance This Transaction is similar to Adjust Balance but here we keep few detatils from previous transaction for next to help user in Adjusting Balance of various Materials from same Locaton.
Bulk Consumption This Transaction is similar to Inventory Consumption but here we keep few detatils from previous transaction for next to help user in consumption of Various Materials from same Locaton.
Onhand Inquiry This Transaction helps user to do item stock availability inquiry
Label Printing This Transaction help you to print Labels.
Cycle Count (offline mode) This Transaction help you to do the periodic cycle counting process.


Flexi Coupa Inventory Features: -
  • Support Rugged Industrial Devices, Smartphones (Android or iOS), PC and Mac.
  • Perform Coupa Inventory Transactions on RF Handheld Device.


Flexi Coupa Inventory Solutions provides Benefits: -
  • No delay in data refection to the Coupa Cloud System.
  • Easily customizable to fit your needs.
  • Supporting platform like iOS, Android, MAC, and Windows.
flexi Coupa, Mobile Barcode Scanning Flexi Coupa
Flexi Coupa Inventory
- CERTIFIED Flexi Coupa Application Provides a Solution for Mobile Barcode.
- It Allows Customers to Personalize Transactions per Business Need.

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