Flexi Coupa

Flexi Coupa is a mobile barcode scanning solution for Coupa Inventory. It provides users with the ability to perform Coupa Inventory transactions on mobile devices such as RF device or smartphones. This becomes important when the operator perform transactions in a warehouse where they are away from their desktop/laptop but there is a need to capture the transaction in real time. The real time nature of these mobile transactions increases inventory visibility, speed, accuracy and reduces paperwork.

Flexi Coupa provides mobile interface for the following Coupa inventory transactions:

  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Returning PO to Supplier
  • Consuming item in PO
  • Disposing item in PO
  • Inventory transfer
  • Inventory Consumption
  • Adjust Balance
  • Cycle Count (offline mode)
  • Label Printing

Besides transactional support, Flexi Coupa has a label printing solution, allowing user to print labels as part of transactions or manually.

Flexi Coupa Screenshots