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Asset Management Software – A Next-Gen Solution for Your Business

Both commercial shipping and logistics are intricate enterprises. Shipments from one business to another or from one business to a household require maintaining a streamlined and uninterrupted workflow. This necessitates the ability to track numerous assets across all phases of a shipment’s lifespan. A fixed asset management system can assist in improving commercial shipping and logistics operations from inventory management, supply, and transportation through warehousing and business response.


What is an Asset Tracking System and How Does It Function?


All asset movement is tracked using asset tracking software. Assets include costly items including laptops, computers, automobiles, and any other form of equipment that is critical to the firm. The system gives data on asset status, location, and so on. There are a variety of fixed asset tracking solutions available, including RFID tags, GPS, BLE, QR codes, and barcodes.


The system’s main goal is to improve asset utilization and offer security for precious products, assets, and equipment. Another objective is to improve asset control and performance while also reducing equipment loss.


How Does Fixed Asset Management System Aid in the Tracking of Shipping Containers?


To begin with, there is a great deal of unpredictability in the shipping process. The first party (packs the container with the product(s) and pays the delivery charges to the second party (liners company), believing that the container will arrive safely and on schedule. The shipping procedure, on the other hand, is lengthy, complicated, and prone to errors.


As an example, a ship arrives at its port of call and unintentionally offloads the sending company’s cargo. Until the ship departs the harbor, the liner company has no idea. As a result, the shipment will not arrive on time and will be months late. An asset management software is necessary to avoid situations like this. Asset tracking systems can assist with container tracking.


Many liner firms are using fixed asset management systems to help transport cargo. With container tracking, this technology assures that goods are on board. If the package is left, the sender firm is notified, and it can give another product(s), after which the liner company collects the cargo and returns it to the sender company.


Why is Asset Management Software a Next-gen Solution for Your Business?


Boosts Customer Value


Customers are considered the cornerstone of your business, and they anticipate a favorable return on investment when they sign a contract with you. Asset tracking software helps you to track and manage your assets in real-time, making your entire business work more smoothly. It surely improves the client experience and provides excellent customer service.


Allows for the Tracking of Maintenance


The program enables you to keep track of all asset information and statistics. You may track the asset’s usage and condition, as well as set up recurring notifications for routine maintenance of your company’s equipment. Above all, it will save money on maintenance that would otherwise be wasted. To put it another way, managing your assets is critical to your company’s success.


Ensures Regulatory Compliance


The fixed asset tracking solution can help you stay in compliance. The software can assist your company in meeting regulatory standards. In other words, the fixed asset tracking solutions may help you optimize your reporting obligations and generate thorough compliance reports.


Helps You Save Money


With the aid of the fixed asset tracking solution, you may acquire specific information on your valuables and ensure that they are not being stolen. You may also keep track of the maintenance schedule, which will help you maintain track of the life of your asset and save money.


Customers may simply complete operations such as depreciation, transfers, and asset assignment to workers, as well as print tags as needed. They can also look at the device’s asset data. Physically counting and validating assets against the system is one of the most important aspects of asset monitoring. The interactive interface of the Intellinum Fixed Assets monitoring, and management software allows customers to count their assets in a location and upload them to Oracle EBS. Users may then go through these numbers and run a comparison report to see if there are any inconsistencies.


Why Choose Intellinum’s Flexi Fixed Asset Tracking and Management Systems?


Intellinum’s Flexi Fixed Assets is a mobile suite that allows clients to record and track their assets across the company. The ability to operate your assets via handheld/smartphones makes it very handy for business/end users to complete tasks. Through common APIs, the assets are readily integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite Fixed Assets module.


Wrapping Up


Asset management software, as we all know, has transformed the transportation and logistics business. Every industry, including this one, strives to adapt to new technology. Because there is a situation that might be highly destructive to the company. Fixed Asset management software may greatly aid in the management and resolution of these issues.


In essence, shipping a shipment is a highly difficult activity—but if you’re prepared to work through the complexity, you may discover a solution that meets your organization’s specific demands. We’ve helped a number of firms install asset monitoring systems.


The commercial shipping industry is expected to expand further. Consider asset monitoring hardware to better manage a continuously changing industry and your company’s continually moving assets. Request a demo today to explore how Intellinum can tailor asset monitoring to your company’s particular needs. Ring a dial today!