label printing software for small and mid-sized businesses

Why Choose Label Printing Software for Small and Mid-sized Businesses?

Every company has its barcode labeling environment, which necessitates a customized setup. Because of the increased volume of labels, more design and print users have heightened criteria and integration needs. We frequently witness the introduction of more labeling complications in medium-sized enterprises. When it comes to barcode label printing, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind if you run a small or medium-sized firm, not only for business system efficiency but also for cost-cutting and growth initiatives.


Ability to grow your business on a large scale with label printing software


Choosing the best label printing software for your business is more important, the software allows you to scale with your business over time, and it ensures to grow with you. Having a system with these capabilities eliminates potential issues that come when your company grows, such as introducing new software and having to reprint your labels.


An interface that is easy to use with label management software


You’ll immediately get comfortable and efficient using your barcode label maker software. It should be simple enough to utilize for everyone in your firm. A familiar user interface cuts down on employee training time and speeds up the design and printing process in production.


Ensures compatibility with a variety of business systems


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), SAP, and other business systems are all compatible with barcode label printing software. Integrating with your current setup can help you eliminate errors, print faster, and save money.


Ensures efficiency with label printing software: A medium-sized organization needs to have an effective barcode label printing system. A completely automated and integrated system can aid in cost-cutting and waste reduction. Integrating systems with your barcode labeling environment is an excellent method to begin automating your process.


To boost productivity in your process, you can start by minimizing manual processes by initiating printing from a device. Intellinum’s label management software is an outstanding product that provides a variety of benefits to assist you in reducing manual steps and eliminating errors.


Features of Intellinum’s label management software for small and mid-sized businesses


  • For businesses of all sizes, a complete label management solution is available
  • No special software is needed to use this label, which runs in your browser
  • Simply use a computer to create labels from any location
  • Labels and data can be securely stored and managed in the cloud
  • All label printers are supported (Zebra, Intermec, Epson, Sato, XML enabled Printers, etc.)
  • Integration with other systems using a REST API (ERP, Flexi)
  • Reprint label history, or divert to a different printer
  • To print labels, it uses the industry-standard IPP protocol
  • Reprint label history, or divert to a different printer
  • All forms of barcodes are supported, including 1D, 2D, GS1, HIBC, QRCode, and others
  • The feature that allows you to clone an existing label to make a new one


Why choose Intellinum’s label printing software?


Intellinum FlexiPro Label, which is a cloud or on-premise, is a simple and web-based label and printing software solution. The product has a user-friendly interface for designing and printing labels and easily meets your needs.


We understand that you’re busy. You just want the labeling to work right away. You’re in good hands with Intellinum’s long years of experience: You’ll be up and running in minutes thanks to intuitive design tools. From simple serial numbers to complex bespoke serialization sequences, you can create them all. Connect to your label data files or database to make data entering easier. Streamline manual printing procedures to save time. We’re here to help you save time and money on label upkeep. Work with confidence, knowing that our outstanding support team is on hand to assist you. We are merely one click away, contact now!