Mobile Barcoding Technology for Oracle JD Edwards

Ultimate Guide to Mobile Barcoding Technology for Oracle JD Edwards

Mobile technology is changing the way businesses function by automating and eliminating manual and paper-based methodologies that induce delays in your operations.


Intellinum scanning solutions are an extension of the JD Edwards applications on the scanner. We use ORACLE JD EDWARDS Mobile Application Development Framework. The apps on the scanner utilize the identical business logic within your Enterprise applications without any loss of functionality.


Oracle JD Edwards always persists to be the go-to solution for many businesses looking to streamline and standardize their business processes. Additionally, one method to check your entire performance is to execute barcoding and scanning software so you can notice your data in real-time.


A few of the primary characteristics of barcoding include leaner production, reduced costs, and higher profitability. So, In this article, you will get the Ultimate understanding of Mobile Barcoding Technology.


Oracle’s JD Edwards is a potent enterprise-level ERP system that delivers organizations meaningful advantages. It carries tremendous amounts of inventory, asset, and personnel data.


However, JD Edwards can’t be everything to every enterprise. When it comes to fulfilling the very characteristic requirements within the supply chain, a more generalized solution may not have the flexibility or functionality you need to get the accomplished career, particularly when it comes to mobile application access to ERP data.


And while modules like JD Edwards Mobile applications go far in developing the functionality of your ERP environment, neither cover a significantly vital area of mobile warehouse automation – automatic data collection. This leaves an important gap in your digital warehouse functions.


What is Mobile Barcoding Technology


Mobile barcoding refers to operating mobile software and hardware with barcodes to automate manual procedures. This technology is a superficial but effective way to combine digital process automation and automated data collection into any function.


Previously, employees would have to manually check item numbers, inventory, recording quantities, and locations utilizing pen and paper or human remembrance. From there, another employee would have to analyze the handwriting as they key the data into a computer at a fixed location, using either a spreadsheet or a database.


Using mobile barcoding technology for JD Edwards, employees scan barcodes printed on inventory, assets, and other materials to automatically capture all the necessary inventory data for transactions such as accepting, transferring, issuing, and choosing. Mobile applications provide validation steps and then transmit the data to the inventory database in real-time utilizing the business rules built into the ERP.


Via automation with JDE mobile barcoding technology, warehouses stand to attain significant increases in efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and many more.


Amazing Barcode Scanning Solution for JD Edwards


JD Edwards compatibility is the key to safe and speedy performance. You can move live because ERP Suites Scannability creates on JDE itself. Orchestration permits us to customize workflows with little consequence on cost or timeline. Moreover, Scannability offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model so you can add scanners as quickly as your business increases.


Picking Up the Right Barcode Application


You know what, there are just two of the barcoding alternatives compatible with JD Edwards. There is a type of system out there created to meet the requirements of businesses in specific industries, which is why it’s essential to carefully consider your options when picking the right barcode scanning system for your business.


When selecting a system, you ought to evaluate it from all angles. How efficiently it will blend with your existing software, tools, and workflows; what types of hardware your staff is used to; the comfort of use and precise necessities of your applications, and so forth.


Transform the User Experience with JD Edwards Mobile Application


The use of JD EDWARDS mobile applications makes the scanning easy which further supports in maintaining data integrity and business importance. For scanning barcodes, one requires a native camera on the device and a scanning device enabled with Bluetooth.


IT has created the anticipations high with a modern and detailed user experienced application that can be used in the workplace. All the details are easily accessed with the use of different standard elements like a camera, maps, and contacts. Therefore, to make any function easy, mobility is in continuation, and to give users the capability to make their mobile models is also a part of JD Edwards’ pursuit.




Mobile Applications for JD Edwards specifically provide a decisive mobile ERP solution with a modern user interface on the device of their preference. End users can quickly go live with a scope of role-based and fit-for-purpose apps widely available on mobile app stores.


We at Intellinum provide the experience and expertise to help with integration security, and analytics for improved business outcomes and accelerate business performance with  FlexiPro JDE mobile application for Oracle JDE.