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Global Energy Management Company Transforms Logistics with Oracle SCM Cloud, WMS + Intellinum FlexiPro 




Enphase Energy is a leading manufacturer and distributor of solar energy products for homes and businesses. Their innovative solutions include microinverters placed under each solar panel, which maximize power production and provide clean energy. Enphase is committed to delivering a world-class energy experience, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of its clients through cutting-edge technologies and extensive industry expertise. 


With Enphase’s rapid growth, innovation, and customer-first culture, the company looked to replace legacy enterprise software, which was holding it back and selected Oracle Fusion ERP and SCM to transform its operations. After successfully going live, Enphase saw an opportunity to streamline processes further and selected Intellinum FlexiPro as a comprehensive mobile platform to support inventory, manufacturing, and WMS transactions.  






Before adopting FlexiPro, Enphase faced several operational challenges in its warehouse department: 

  • Palletization of Containers: The process required manual scanning of each License Plate Number (LPN) rather than automated palletization based on user confirmation.
  • Receiving Shipments: Inbound shipments manually scanned 756 serial numbers per LPN, leading to inefficiencies and errors.
  • Order Validation: The system needed real-time checks against the host ERP during palletization, picking, and loading to avoid packing or shipping canceled orders.
  • Creation of OTM Shipments: Custom logics were required to streamline transactions across various functions, such as picking and quality control inspections.
  • Printing Documents: There was a need to print customer-compliant labels directly from the RF screen to streamline the shipping process.






To address the challenges faced by Enphase and enhance its operational efficiency, Intellinum FlexiPro offered a suite of innovative solutions tailored to streamline its warehouse management processes. These solutions automated and simplified key tasks and ensured real-time accuracy and compliance, significantly improving productivity and cost savings. The key solutions provided by FlexiPro include:  


  • Automated Palletization: Enabled palletization of outbound LPNs by entering an order number, automating the process based on user confirmation.
  • Simplified Receiving: Validating a few serial numbers streamlined the receiving process and reduced the need for extensive manual scans.
  • Real-Time Order Validation: Integrated real-time checks against the ERP system during key operations to ensure only valid orders are processed.
  • Customer-Compliant Labels: The capability to print compliant labels directly from the RF screen during shipping.
  • Enhanced Barcode Features: Barcode scanning was used during picking to eliminate manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 





Implementing Intellinum FlexiPro brought about remarkable improvements in Enphase’s warehouse operations. FlexiPro significantly enhanced operational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity by addressing the key challenges and automating crucial processes. The transformation streamlined Enphase’s workflows, resulting in substantial cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. The notable results achieved include: 

  • Modern User Interfaces: Provided users with an intuitive and modern interface for WMS RF screens, improving usability and efficiency.
  • Automated Receipts: Enabled full automation of serial number receipts with random audit checks to ensure accuracy.
  • Streamlined Operations: Represented logical flows within the warehouse, reducing the need for multiple screens and data entries.
  • Real-Time Validations: Minimized errors and reduced operational costs through real-time data validations.
  • Improved Traceability: Enhanced traceability and accuracy in warehouse operations, leading to better inventory control.
  • Increased Speed: Accelerated warehouse processes, improving overall productivity.


By leveraging Oracle SCM Cloud, WMS, and Intellinum FlexiPro, Enphase significantly enhanced its warehouse operations, achieving greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. This partnership underscores the value of innovative technology in transforming business operations and meeting evolving industry demands. 


“With FlexiPro, Enphase Energy now has instant access to Oracle Cloud SCM and WMS through an easy-to-use mobile application. Our warehouse operations have become more efficient and profitable”  – Warehouse Operations Manager.

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