Learn How to Disable Ctrl-G in Oracle MSCA or WMS – Function Keys

How to Disable Ctrl-G in Oracle MSCA or WMS – Function Keys

Learn How to disable Ctrl-G in Oracle MSCA or WMS


Standard Oracle uses Ctrl-G to generate new LPN, Lot or Serial number. However, some business may have requirement to turn off this functionality as they want users to use existing predefined value. Learn how to use Oracle MSCA or WMS function keys


Here is how we can use Express Server to achieve this functionality:


In Express Server, there is page level property called Input Processor which allows developers to put a script to examine input from user and act accordingly. For example, when user presses Ctrl-G, variable $ACTION_STRING will have value of “INV_GENERATE” and $ACTION_CODE -1. When user presses Ctrl-L, $ACTION_STRING will have value of “MWA_LOVSUBMIT” and $ACTION_CODE 7.


how to disable ctrl-g in oracle msca or wms


Furthermore, Input Processor allows developer to stop further processing of input and return a message to the user. Here is an example of a script that we can put on Input Processor of PO Receipt to prevent user from using Ctrl-G to generate new LPN.


if ("INV.LPN".equals(page.getCurrentFieldBean().getName())) {
 if ("INV_GENERATE".equals($ACTION_STRING) && $ACTION_CODE == -1) {
 session.setStatusMessage("Ctrl-G is disabled.");

Here is what the screen looks like when user tries to press Ctrl-G. Since this is an Express Server personalization, this functionality will work for all MWA clients including Telnet.