5 Best Simple Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

5 Best Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency – Oracle Warehouse Management System

To stay competitive in the dynamic economy, your company needs the capability to adapt with the ever changing development. Especially if your company handles a large amount of physical products with high traffic such as an e-commerce, manufacturing, or a chain company. Proper investment towards warehouse management system (WMS) will be very beneficial, because the system allows company the ability to efficiently control and observe the amount, the movement, the position, and many other data of materials within the warehouse.


What is Warehouse Management System?


warehouse management system (WMS)


Warehouse management system (WMS) is a software that offers solution in supplying chain to help companies manage their inventory in the best way possible. It helps companies move and store inventory at peak efficiency and lowest cost. You will also have visibility where you are stocked up on the items you are actually selling—not just what you think you have. Having said that, warehouse management system is arguably one of the most important component of business operations.


5 Simple Ways to Increase Warehouse Efficiency with Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Although it might be complex and chaotic at first, if it’s done right, warehouse management system can reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction, and increase company’s overall efficiency. Check out these five incredible ways that you can do to increase efficiency and amplify your company with a warehouse management solutions:


  • Go Mobile


Whether it uses barcodes, RFID tags, NFC, or whatever technology it is, having an automation and digital data at your fingertips is really important. Going mobile is arguably one of the most important features from warehouse management system. It allows you to access real-time reports that will lead you in making better forecasting decision for your growing business.


  • Controlling Inventory


You have to maintain a solid audit trail of every warehouse and items that have been stored from receipt through shipping by many transaction types. Tracking inventory location and usage throughout the warehouse operations, in multiple warehouse locations, at multiple distribution centers and stores. Therefore, a warehouse management system will improve inventory control and accuracy, that will allow your business to eliminate expensive and time consuming year-end inventories.


  • Amp up your Quality Control


The very essence of quality control is customer satisfaction. One of the greatest challenges confronting business today is the continuous increase in customer expectation. Customers are day by day, becoming more critical toward the quality of service they get. That way, quality control has to check in place. You should highlight where you are having problems by routinely making a quality control report. Therefore, you know which part of your business that needs to be corrected.


  • Increasing Security


There are people—who unfortunately—will try to steal or damage your business intentionally. Through warehouse management system, you can keep meticulous records of inventory. Hence, systems that utilize automated data capture like RFID can effectively eliminate all cases of theft by keeping accurate inventory levels around the clock.


  • Allocation Strategy


Utilizing a system to fulfil order from storage location. It is going to take which product is already booked or reserved, FIFO (first-in-first-out), and LIFO (last-in-first-out). This will improve the effective and efficient use of stocks, therefore you will be able to check which stock / products to take (expired) and which ones can be used.


In a nutshell, warehouse management system offer your company a great deal of benefits. From removal cycle times will be reduced, to the inventory accuracy will be improved.


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