throughput of po receipt transaction speed – express server

How to Increase the Throughput of PO Receipt Transaction Speed – Express Server

In the Mobile Pages, Everything You Need to Know How to Increase the Throughput of PO Receipt Transactions


In this series of MWA Express Server blog, we will see how we can increase the throughput of PO receipt transaction by decreasing the number of data entries in the mobile page. First, let’s review the standard flow.


The mobile PO receipt consists of two pages. In the first page, user needs to enter PO number, line number or item number, LPN (for WMS-enabled organization), location, receiving sub-inventory and locator, UOM, and quantity. Then user needs to hit Done button to go to the second page. On the second page, there are additional fields which are optional, but users still need to navigate through them to complete the transaction.


From our review, the three key pieces of information that are needed in the PO receipt transaction are PO Number, line number or item number, and quantity. The rest of them can be automated using features in MWA Express server. Let’s see the automated version of PO receipt transaction may look like (the only user interaction needed are highlighted in bold).


On The First Mobile Page:


  • User scans PO Number
  • Line number can be skipped if user will scan item number
  • User scans Item Number
  • LPN field can be auto generated using auto Ctrl-G. LPN label can be setup to auto print upon new LPN generation.
  • Location field default value can be auto confirmed
  • To Sub and To Loc field value can be derived by providing a constant value (if there is only one receiving sub-inventory/locator) or a SQL statement (if there is more than one and logic to derive which one to use), and auto confirmed
  • UOM field default value can be auto confirmed
  • User enters quantity
  • Next Item field can be skipped if it is not used
  • Done button can be auto entered


Throughput of PO Receipt Transactions


This screenshot above shows comparison between standard and automated screen.


On The Second Mobile Page:


  • User may choose to change any field property on this page, e.g. hide Carrier field, make Packing Slip required, etc
  • Or if no additional information on this page is needed, the whole page can be automated so transaction can be completed without any user intervention


At Intellinum, this personalization can be setup at site level, responsibility level, organization level or user level. The multi-level personalization flexibility allows companies to automate PO receipt globally or for certain responsibility, or organization or user.