How to fill Subinventory and locator

How to Fill Subinventory and Locator in Oracle MWA Pages by Entering Locator Only

Oracle MWA – For sub-inventory that is locator controlled, Oracle WMS and MSCA mobile pages require user to scan both sub-inventory and locator. But since locator is unique across sub-inventories for an organization, some customers find scanning sub-inventory as an extra step that can be removed/automated.


Here is how we can use Express Server to achieve this functionality


In Oracle MWA Express Server, there is a feature called Express Scan which is designed to allow parsing of complex barcode (1D or 2D) and populate values into appropriate fields. As part of the parsing, the feature also allows user to run cross reference query to derive value(s) from user input as well. So the idea is to put a cross reference query in the Sub-inventory field. The query is designed to take an input which can be locator, or sub-inventory. If it is locator, it will derive and return the sub-inventory.


Here are some screenshots to set it up in Express Server


        1. Set page level > Show Express Scan Properties = Yes.
        2. Enable Express Scanning = Yes
        3. Enable Express Scan for the subinventory field. Set the Cross Ref query accordingly.



oracle mwa pages


The query should use target field name as the column alias. Here is example of a SQL that will work for Item Inquiry page. For a different page, same query will work, but the column alias “SubinventoryQuery” and “FromLocatorQuery” need to be replaced with the field name for the mobile page.


select secondary_inventory_name "SubinventoryQuery", '' "FromLocatorQuery", 1 ord
from   mtl_secondary_inventories
where secondary_inventory_name = ${INPUT}
and   organization_id = ${ORGID}
select subinventory_code "SubinventoryQuery", ${INPUT} "FromLocatorQuery", 2 ord
from   wms_item_locations_kfv
where concatenated_segments = ${INPUT}
and   organization_id = ${ORGID}
select ${INPUT} "SubinventoryQuery", '' "FromLocatorQuery", 3 ord
from   dual
order by ord


The query has three parts combined with a union. The first part of the query is for case when user enters the sub-inventory itself. The second part is for case when user enters the locator, and the third part is for case when user enters data that is neither a sub-inventory or locator. The first row out of the query result will be used as the defaulting.


The added advantage is this automation will work for both scan and manual keyboard entry. And since this is an Express Server personalization, this functionality will work for all Oracle MWA clients including Telnet.