How to change or restrict the value of subinventory

How To Change or Restrict The Values of Subinventory LOV – Express Server

In this series of MWA Express Server blog, we will see how to change or restrict the values of an subinventory LOV field in any mobile transaction. To illustrate, we are going to look at a specific use case – we will restrict the values of destination subinventory LOV based on the source subinventory in the Subinventory Transfer page.


This may be useful if a warehouse only allows specific path of material movement, e.g. BULK to CASE and EACH is allowed, CASE to EACH is allowed, but EACH to BULK and CASE is not allowed, and so on. Ideally, this personalization will be setup at organization level as each warehouse has its own rules of material movement.


Restrict the values of subinventory lov


The personalization property we will use is Validate property. This property is used to store a SQL statement that will be executed after user entry. If the SQL returns at least a row, validation passes. Otherwise, validation fails and cursor stays in the field.


This screenshot above shows the personalized page where source subinventory is BULK and destination subinventory are CASE and EACH only.