Does Better UIUX Really Matters In The Warehouse Productivity

Does Better UI/UX Really Matters In The Warehouse Productivity?

Is UI/UX Design that Important for Your Application? Do We Even Need it?


A user interface is a feature which allows a user to interact with it. Let’s say, your android or iOS phone is made by a lot of programming codes. For the programmer, it is not that hard to understand the codes. But of course, the customers are not accustomed to it. So the programmer thinks, how can they let the customers use their cell-phones to the fullest? That is exactly where UI design is mostly needed.


The programmer makes a user friendly and easy to understand design for the customers so they can use their programs properly. For example, if you want to open a Camera app in a cell-phones without a friendly UI design, you will have to write several lines of confusing codes, which will cause headache to a lot of people, and that is just to open a camera app. But, with a good UI design it allows you to simply tap an icon, which was previously coded to run several codes, to open a camera app. It makes our lives easier.


However, the importance of UI does not stop only at that point. A good User Interface might allows user to be able to navigate the program, but a better one will allow user to make use the full potential of any named programs. This is the reason why you keep seeing changes in the UI design of Windows, Android, iOS, etc.


UI design will as well play a big role in a matter of efficiency, since it is the first part of the system which interact with a user experience (UX). When a UI has its proper function but not really user friendly, it will reduce the efficiency in completing the task, since the user will need more time to finish it.


A well designed UI should be simple but also nice looking, easy to navigate, and could be differentiated by a simple glance. Over designed UI will cause longer loading time and more performance issues. By keeping it simple and nice looking, it makes user to be more comfortable to operate the whole systems and it can run smoothly at the same time.


Take a look at this example



express server vs oracle


In real case of warehouse management system, oracle has created an outstanding WMS with all the features presented. However, Intellinum Express Suite, one of Oracle Validated Integration Solution, can provide you with greater personalization capability and better UI graphic that allows employee to have better User Experience (UX) which could directly enhance the productivity. In the image above, it shows example of the express server function (personalization capability) in action which reduce the oracle standard of 10 steps program into 3 steps only. As for the image below, it shows the example of express client function (a graphical based client application) which could also be integrated with the oracle WMS. 




Even better, Intellinum express client is compatible with Windows, Androids, and iOS which allow you to operate the Oracle WMS on smartphones (the windows embedded handheld is approaching it’s end of life – click here to read the article). As easy as opening your Instagram account, it’s faster, and cleaner UI will increase the work efficiency, and need less time to complete a task.


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