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Oracle Blockchain Platform – Breakthrough in Supply Chain Management System

Yesterday, June 13th 2019, oracle has launched its Intelligent Track & Trace App, an application for businesses using supply chain management. It is the first of the four pre-built blockchain applications for supply chain by Oracle Blockchain Platform which launched in July 2018 (last year).


The main aim of this application is to make it easy for business users to implement and further transform their processes using pre-built blockchain application.


This announcement was made by Michael Richter – DIRECTOR PRODUCT MARKETING, EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES.


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The application helps to address the challenges of managing complexities in a global network of trading partners. You don’t need to be a developer to use the Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace application-it’s a pre-built application that is ready-to-deploy out of the box. Powered by blockchain technology, the application helps to gain efficiencies for supply chain management by pinpointing where transactions and goods are across the supply chain and trading partners.

It can easily connect with Oracle’s, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Experience (CX) and Internet of Things (IoT). Or, connect with an organizations’ existing 3rd party applications. Since it’s built using the Oracle’s enterprise-grade blockchain platform, it inherits all the advantages of best-in-class performance, security, and scalability. The application is sold independently and the Oracle Blockchain Platform is not required to purchase.
Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace can be applied to food and beverage, transportation and other industries to ensure things like organic certifications, manufacturing compliance and adherence to global trade regulations.
With Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, the power of Oracle’s blockchain technology is harnessed to efficiently manage a network of trading partners who also benefit from being part of a trusted supply chain network. So now you know why everyone’s talking about blockchain and how Oracle is applying this technology with the Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace application.