2022 Top Product Label Management Trends and Ideas

Product labels are the first thing that a customer notices about your product. Apart from being a vital part of the packaging design product, it entices the customer to make the first move and improves the overall customer experience. They aim to fill the gap between the brand and the customer and narrate everything about the product to them.


Thus, it is important to focus on all the key components of the label design, including colors, text, information layout, and other visual elements while creating one from label management solutions. The essence lies in clarity and readability, so it’s important to give extensive thought while creating it. So, to help you know what’s trending and how the brands are approaching this task, we have compiled this blog to get you started seamlessly.

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Trends in label management solutions that are worth stealing


  • Minimalism is fancy: Many businesses are approaching minimalistic design to become iconic. Such designs are easy to pair with supporting graphics and make the product easily recognizable by potential customers.


Note: Avoid making it so bland that you get bored while creating it.


  • Nostalgic vibe is a magnet: People relish the past and wish to recapture that feeling. Thus, with a nostalgic touch in your label management software solutions, you can increase your chances of attracting new customers as well as boosting the trust of the customers. You can tap into the happy memories of the customers and build stronger relationships with them.


Factcheck: A 2017 Nielsen study revealed that an advertisement blended well with emotions offers better results.


  • Candy colors are in fashion: Some businesses are breaking the stereotypes by choosing bright and bold candy colors in their product label. It helps them reminisce about their childhood and offers respite from an overwhelming world.


  • Refresh your fronts: Product label design becomes more appealing when you experiment with typography and leave the designs untouched. It preserves the identity of the brand, its existing consumers, and creates an opportunity to grab more customers.


Now that you are acquainted with the latest trends in label designs, here are some ideas you can leverage for the same.

Best ideas out of the bucket with label management solutions


Here’s what brands from around the world are choosing for their label design to make a lasting impression on their customers. Check it out.


  • Metallic label design: Such designs are a buzz in the spirits industry because they offer a premium and luxe appearance to the product. There are several elements that you can add to your product label, like metallic ink, metal foils, and even metal pieces such as wires or plates.


  • Die cut label shapes: In order to capture the attention of the consumers from products on display, brands are using unconventional label shapes with die-cutting. It makes the product more interesting in turn making it hard for the people to ignore it on the shelves or online shopping sites.


  • Psychedelia inspired label design: It blends in the moment vibe with nostalgia and is fascinating businesses since 2021. It is now showing up on product labels more than ever before, with wavy text, swirls of color, and mind-bending imagery.


Key takeaways


The trends and ideas discussed above will serve as inspiration for you to create meaningful yet creative label designs for your product with our label management systems. Do consider your audience and include elements and trends that are here to stay. Make it, text it, refine it, and you will see the results in how it impacts your business.


However, if you wish to take the burden off your shoulders, connect with us for label management solutions to let technology take care of it for you. We are just a call away from you.