FlexiPro JD Edwards Mobile Application


FlexiPro JD Edwards, an innovative solution to manage mobility holistically,
enhances overall company performance and speeds up
the business execution for Oracle JD Edwards Inventory module.


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Intellinum gives clients the flexibility to use the FlexiPro JD Edwards mobile inventory application, which can be implemented as a mobile cloud service, to simplify mobile development, integration, security, and analytics, allowing them to manage their Oracle JDE inventories more efficiently and comprehensively.

JD Edward Inventory Management

FlexiPro JD Edwards Inventory Management Software


The FlexiPro JD Edwards mobile inventory management software includes a personalization engine that can be used to tailor transactions. Furthermore, includes a mobile platform that can be used to develop new screens.

Features of FlexiPro JD Edwards Mobile Application

  • Enables online transactions with barcode-enabled mobile application
  • Mobile inventory transactions are prebuilt
  • FlexiPro Label solution for label printing
  • Integrates to FlexiPro JD Edwards and 3rd party systems (shipping solution, label, etc)
  • Easily enabled with smartphones (Android, iOS), rugged barcode devices (Android, Windows Desktop/Mobile), or Mac
  • To ensure easy transactions, the personalization engine helps with modification
  • Allows the creation of new transaction pages as per requirement

Benefits of FlexiPro JD Edwards Mobile Application

  • Personalization of the transactions as per the business needs
  • Agile development and easy migration
  • Capturing multiple data points with a single barcode scan
  • Scripting: That adds logic to validate data, call web services, and print labels
  • Automating keystroke, defaulting value, and hiding an unused field
  • Adding new fields or screens, e.g., capture new data into DFF, show item picture, signature, or photo attachment with the Extensible UI
  • Personalization to be set up on different levels with the Multi-Tier Personalization

Why Choose FlexiPro JDE Mobile Application for Oracle JDE Inventory?


We will assist you in finding the finest option. We developed a deep understanding of a wide range of industries, such as Agriculture, Logistics, Food and Beverage, Pharma, Engineering, and so on, over many years of serving our customers. Get the best experts for Oracle JD Edwards supply chain management today!

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Application Screens

End to End FlexiPro JDE Inventory Transactions

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