FlexiPro Coupa for Barcode

Inventory Transactions

Complement your Coupa Inventory with a real-time barcode scanning solution for speed and accuracy.

Mobile application for the Coupa Inventory module

Provide real-time integration with Coupa Cloud

Perform barcode enabled transactions for speed and accuracy

Support platforms like iOS, Android, MAC, and Windows

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There is no delay in data reflection to the Coupa Cloud system. Also, it supports bulk transactions to QR/Barcode scanning makes it more convenient for users. Inventory transactions such as PO Receipt or Consumptions can be done in a few steps since the application supports a powerful barcode engine, scanning a single barcode can capture multiple data points, e.g. GS1, HIBC.

Mobile Interface for the following
FlexiPro Coupa Inventory Transactions

PO Receiving

PO Receiving

This transaction allows the user to perform receiving of material from a vendor.

Disposing Item in PO

Disposing Item in PO

To perform disposing of material, we can use this functionality which is a part of the PO Receipt.

Inventory Consumption

Inventory Consumption

This transaction allows the user to perform inventory consumption in which items will be consumed from a defined locator of a warehouse.

inventory transfer

Inventory Transfer

For inter or intra-material transfer in the inventory, the FlexiPro Coupa inventory transfer page helps using barcode scanning.

Bulk Adjust Balance

Bulk Adjust Balance

We keep a few details from the previous transaction for the next to help the user in adjusting the balance of various materials from the same location.

inventory box with barcode

Returning PO to Supplier

We can return the material to the supplier from the same transaction page of the PO Receipt.

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Features/Benefits of FlexiPro Coupa Inventory

Create new transaction pages as per business needs

Provide a personalization engine to streamline and enhance FlexiPro Coupa screens

Perform inventory transactions on RF handheld devices

Support with rugged industrial handheld devices, Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Mobile, PC or Mac Browser

No delay in the data reflection to the Coupa Cloud System

Increase productivity, reduce labor cost/user error

Simplify new user training

Allow customers to personalize transactions as per business needs

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