Wearable technology has many different applications in the warehouse. One of the most promising wearable technologies is smart glasses as they allow hands-free operation and can provide key information at the same time. With smart glasses, user can get instructions from the system through the earphone and see important information through the visual display unit. The solution is lightweight, easy to use and implement.

Here are some of the key features of smart glasses solution from Intellinum.

Supports all Oracle WMS/MSCA transactions, including any custom transactions built using MWA framework.

Rich graphical user interface provides user with a intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Smart glasses allows hands-free operation which increases user efficiency and safety.

Barcode scanning can be done using built-in camera or a finger scanner that is connected to the smart glasses through Bluetooth.

Smart glasses has lower cost of investment than existing handheld mobile computers solution.

Wearable Screenshots