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Intellinum Flexi LogiPro increases inventory accuracy, visibility and efficiency.

Flexi LogiPro is an innovative mobile solution for Oracle SCM Cloud and WMS Cloud. It provides users with an intuitive, productive, barcode-enabled and personalizable user interface running on mobile devices with Windows CE/Mobile, Android, and iOS. All the transactions performed on the mobile devices are interfaced real time to Oracle SCM Cloud and WMS Cloud to increase inventory visibility and accuracy.


Flexi LogiPro is packed with multitude of transactions which can be personalized by customers to deliver an efficient supply chain execution. Some of the Flexi LogiPro mobile transactions for Oracle SCM Cloud include, but not limited to:

  • Inbound transactions such as PO Receipt, Putaway, Inspection, RMA Receipt, RMA Putaway, Vendor Return, and ASN Receipt
  • Inventory transactions such as Onhand Inquiry, Subinventory Transfer, Miscellaneous Receipt/Issue, Account Alias Receipt/Issue, Cycle Count, Physical Count, IMT/Transfer Orders, and Label Printing
  • Outbound transactions such as Picking and Shipping
  • Manufacturing transactions such as Work Order Completion, Material Issue, Material Return, Orderless Completion, Quick Completion, Charge Resource, and Operation Return


Besides Oracle SCM Cloud, Flexi LogiPro provides support for Oracle WMS Cloud as well. Some of the benefits of using Flexi LogiPro for Oracle WMS Cloud are as follows.

  • Modern intuitive GUI screens for all RF screens
  • Ability to perform SCM Cloud transactions (Manufacturing and Inventory) from LogFire menu or transaction so users only need one application for all RF related transactions
  • Ability to personalize the RF screens such as default value and automate fields to reduce keystrokes
  • Add new field to display or capture information
  • Add extra validation on top of LogFire validation
  • Call web services in Oracle WMS Cloud or SCM Cloud to perform additional tasks such as auto generate LPN, print label, call web report, etc.
  • Barcode parsing logic, e.g. scan one barcode, populate multiple fields at once, DFI validation
  • Add error or success sound, play custom wav file as needed
  • Create new mobile screens that perform similar tasks in WMS Cloud UI such as ship confirm, load check in/check out, etc.
  • Convert text field into LOV (List of Value) to increase usability and validate data
  • Auto uppercase input
  • Screen automation, e.g. after PO receipt, perform verify shipment automatically
  • And many more use cases


Flexi LogiPro provides personalization capability for WMS Cloud and SCM Cloud mobile transactions so customers can augment them per their business requirements. The personalization engine provides the benefit of rapid development time where changes can be applied and tested immediately without code compile or server bounce. Each transaction can be personalized at different level such as site, organization or user.


Besides personalization capability, the Flexi mobile platform allows customer to build new transactions easily. New fields can be added by drag-and-drop and business logic can be added to call web services or stored procedures to interface to Oracle SCM Cloud, WMS Cloud or any other ERPs.


Flexi LogiPro is provided as a SaaS application which runs on the cloud so customer will have a low cost of entry and ownership. It can also run on-premise in a customer infrastructure if needed. Integration with enterprise labeling solution is available as well.

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