XDR: Xpress Dashboard Reporting

Intellinum Xpress Dashboard Reporting Tool

Xpress Dashboard Reporting Application provides a real-time and responsive dashboard to help user tracks and monitors all business metrics in one single place. XDR allows report builders to define new dashboards quickly with filter and drill-down capability. Data can be grouped per business requirements and the resulting dashboard can be shared with multiple viewers per their roles. Actions can be performed on the information through scripting to update data or API to backend ERP.

xpress dashboard reporting

Key Features of Xpress Dashboard Reporting

Monitor your business intelligence data in real time

Create multiple dashboards, KPIs, charts quickly

Integration to Oracle EBS or any ERP systems

Flexibility to create reports and send through email/Send to file

Option to export data in Excel, CSV ,PDF

Built-in dashboard for Oracle EBS warehouse, inventory, and shipping

Advanced Features of XDR

Xpress BI Developer tool will be used for new dashboards creation/modify.

Developer and user will have different platform to perform activities.

Xpress BI User tool will be used for dashboard view/export activity.

Alerts can be created for notification to user on screen.

Define filters to look at a specific organization or date range

Drill down to see additional or detailed data

Live data updating dashboards integrated with Oracle or any other ERP.

Sub reports can be created to view data in detail.

Multiple dashboards can be created to meet all KPIs of warehouse.

Actionable data, user can perform an action without opening ERP system

Data grouping and separation for multiple modules

Creation of alerts for user notifications on screen

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