XDR: Xpress Dashboard Reporting

Oracle Dashbaord

Here are some of the key features of XDR: Xpress Dashboard Reporting from Intellinum.

Monitor your business intelligence data in real time.

Create multiple dashboards, KPIs, charts quickly.

Integration to Oracle EBS or any ERP systems.

Flexibility to create reports and send through email/Send to file.

Option to export data in excel,CSV ,PDF.

More Features

Xpress BI Developer tool will be used for new dashboards creation/modify.

Developer and user will have different platform to perform activities.

Xpress BI User tool will be used for dashboard view/export activity.

Alerts can be created for notification to user on screen.

Live data updating dashboards integrated with Oracle or any other ERP.

Sub reports can be created to view data in detail.

Multiple dashboards can be created to meet all KPIs of warehouse.