Express Server

Express Server is an Oracle Validated Integration product that provides many additional features on top of Oracle WMS/MSCA mobile server. It allows personalization of every mobile forms developed using Oracle MWA framework. Using this server, anyone who is setup to be personalization administrator can change field’s properties at different levels (Site, Responsibility, Organisation and User) according to their business requirement. Last but not least, all of these can be done without any programming knowledge or modifying Oracle’s code, making the personalization easy-to-do and patch-safe.

Here are some ideas of what you can do:

Hide optional fields on any mobile forms to help streamline the operation.

Set fields default value on any mobile forms, reducing key strokes

Add validation to user input value.

Introduce new field(s) or DFF to display or capture additional information.

Invoke custom PL/SQL API instead of standard PL/SQL API, allowing to extend Oracle functionality.

Change page title or field prompt, making the forms more user-friendly.

Automate Ctrl-G (Generate LPN or Lot).

Add auto-enter to skip any fields, allowing user to navigate to the next field without pressing Enter, Down arrow or Tab.

Make optional fields to be required.

Make editable fields to be non-editable.

Add barcode delimiter to any fields, allowing transactions to be done in a few scans Note: Standard Oracle MSCA/WMS only allows barcode delimiter on Item/Revision, Subinventory/Locator, and PO #/Line #.

Change LOV field properties, allowing user to modify the list of values from Oracle.

Enable user-level logging without server bounce.

Video Demonstration Of Express Server