• Built on Oracle validated ‘Express Server’ technology
  • Inherits entire Oracle MSCA and WMS functionalities
  • Native Oracle ERP user and responsibility security
  • Off the shelf Oracle ERP and OPSM integration
  • No new hardware
  • Runs on Windows mobile, Android, iOS and Desktop clients

    • Based on ‘Flexi Platform’ technology
    • Available on Cloud or on Premise
    • Flexible to integrate any ERP
    • Flexible to integrate any Serialization Manager
    • Runs on Windows mobile, Android, iOS and Desktop clients

    sWMS offers flexible architecture to integrate ERP systems, serialization managers, home grown applications and third party systems using Web Services and Database API’s on mobile devices. All customer extensions, customizations and personalization are done only once in a single platform but made available for all windows mobile, android, iOS and desktop clients.

    Four pillars of sWMS are ERP master data lookup, powerful personalization framework, extension framework to extend existing functions and create new functions. Intuitive business rules engine to control warehouse operations without modifying the code.

    sWMS label printing functions integrate with customers’ existing label printing infrastructure. This benefits customers’ label printing platform ROI and avoid introducing another platform.

    Oracle ERP customers take full advantage of their MSCA/WMS investment with enhanced serialization capability within their existing infrastructure.

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