Packaging Workbench

Pack / Aggregate
Unpack / Deaggregate
Label Printing
Label Verification


The Pack (Aggregate) screen can be used to add child GTIN’s to higher GTIN or SSCC. For example, add cartons to a case or add cases to a pallet. First, parent GTIN or SSCC must be scanned to start packaging process. System validates whether the parent is in commissioned status to accept child units. Then scan child units to be packed. sWMS business rules engine validates whether the child serial numbers are eligible to be packed to the parent scanned first. Child units should be in commissioned status for packing. sWMS validates whether lot numbers of both child and parent match to allow packing. The child GTIN must match correct level in the packaging hierarchy tree.

The Unpack (Deaggregate) page in sWMS can be used to remove child units from a parent. sWMS business rule allows unpacking of packages that are not in shipped state. For packages in shipped state, the pack and unpack action will not be allowed.

sWMS automatically prints case or pallet label anytime package is modified by utilizing customers’ existing printing investment. During unpacking process if a case is removed from a pallet, system automatically prints pallet label with modified case quantity. If a carton is removed from a case, system prints case label with modified carton quantity. System automatically prints labels during packing process also.

sWMS guides user to scan the label printed automatically during pack or unpack process to verify the information in 2D/1D barcode.

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