Key Features

EPCIS Capture

Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) is a global GS1 Standard for creating and sharing business event data. sWMS captures EPCIS for all WMS transactions and posts to receiving serialization managers capable of receiving EPCIS data.

Web Services Integration

sWMS operates in an integrated mode with ERP systems and Serialization Manager. Through the use of web services and JDBC, ERP systems can integrate with Serialization Manager in sWMS application.

Integrated Development Environment

sWMS application comes with integrated development environment to develop new mobile WMS transactions. It also allows customers to customize, extend and personalize the seeded sWMS application.

Powerful 2D and 1D barcode scanning

In sWMS application, users can scan 1D and 2D barcode to perform WMS transactions and retrieve information from Serialization Manager.

GS1 standard compliance

sWMS application enables customers to transact and track item-level movement. It also enables customers to identify counterfeit serials, adherence to DSCSA and other regulatory requirements using GS1 standards.

Easily configurable business rules

sWMS offers configurable business rules engine. Customers can configure sWMS with their business specific rules. For example, one scenario is to disallow packing of child serials when parent is in decommissioned status. Rules can be applicable at site level, or warehouse level. Rules can also be configured for a warehouse for a period. Customers can enable or disable configurable rules or change messages in their own language.

Personalization and Extension capability

One of the most powerful features of sWMS is personalization and extension capability. Using integrated development environment, sWMS can be personalized or extended. Wizard driven personalization tool allows business analyst personnel to personalize sWMS application.

16 Integration points between ERP & Serialization Manager

sWMS covers all aspects of warehouse operations for serialized products including post lot rework, serial generation, commission, decommission, aggregation, deaggregation, shipping, returns, miscellaneous issues, label printing, and inquiry on handheld devices.

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